Patterned Rugs

  • Mirage Rug

    Mirage Rug

    • From £44.99


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  • Vibe Shaggy Rug

    Vibe Shaggy Rug

    • From £39.99


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  • Legacy Rug

    Legacy Rug

    • From £24.99


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  • Oriental Rug

    Oriental Rug

    • From £59.99


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  • Plum Jakarta Rug

    Plum Jakarta Rug

    • From £44.99


  • Otisse Rug

    Otisse Rug

    • From £39.99


  • Plato Rug

    Plato Rug

    • From £24.99


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  • Mirage Runner

    Mirage Runner

    • £49.99


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  • Beige Natura Rug

    Beige Natura Rug

    • From £16.99


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Patterned rugs

Patterned rugs are a great way of adding interest to your floors whilst introducing texture and softness to keep your toes happy. In the same way that traditional floral rugs will bring a touch of delicacy to any room, modern spots and swirls offer the perfect means of updating your living areas with an exciting new aesthetic. Make a lasting impression with our striped rugs, ideal for bringing character to plain carpets and empty hallways. If you are on the lookout for rugs with a shaggy pile and striking visual appeal, our fluffy slumber rugs are a popular choice, particularly for bringing warmth to laminate and hard wood surfaces.

Choose from a range of colourful rugs, ideal for continuing your existing theme or adding variation to your colour schemes. For more information and tips on selecting the perfect floor covering, be sure to take a look at our patterned rugs guide.

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