Wall Hanging Mirrors


46 results
  • Gold Ornate Mirror

    Gold Ornate Mirror

    • £9.99


  • Antique Rope Trim Mirror

    Antique Rope Trim Mirror

    • From £9.99


  • Vertical Sparkle Edge Mirror

    Vertical Sparkle Edge Mirror

    • From £12.99


  • Wicker Weave Mirror

    Wicker Weave Mirror

    • From £14.99


  • Copper Cut Out Mirror

    Copper Cut Out Mirror

    • £14.99

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  • Champagne Leaf Mirror

    Champagne Leaf Mirror

    • From £16.99


  • Decorative Silver Mirror

    Decorative Silver Mirror

    • £19.99


  • Plain Framed Mirror

    Plain Framed Mirror

    • £19.99


  • Beaded Edge Mirror

    Beaded Edge Mirror

    • £19.99


  • Vintage Swept Bevelled Mirror

    Vintage Swept Bevelled Mirror

    • £34.99


  • Swept Bevelled Mirror

    Swept Bevelled Mirror

    • £39.99


  • 8 Bar Bevelled Mirror

    8 Bar Bevelled Mirror

    • £39.99



46 results

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Wall Hanging Mirrors

Make the most of your available space with wall hanging mirrors. A large wall mirror is perfect for checking how you look on the way out of the house whilst also reflecting light throughout your home. Likewise, a beautiful oval mirror will create the illusion of space, adding depth and texture to your walls.

If you are looking for wall hanging mirrors which create a design feature in your living room why not hang a beautiful ornate mirror over your fire place mantle, there are loads of styles and colours to really draw in your eyes. Gold mirrors look fabulous against pale or bright colours and they can easily brighten up cream walls with a splash of elegant charm.

Our most popular wall hanging mirror is the black vintage style mirror which some may see as an unusual mirror but they look fantastic either as wall hanging mirrors or rested against a free corner in a room to reflect back light into small spaces. Moroccan inspired interior design is a rising trend, embellish your walls with a Moroccan mirror and soft lighting and you will have yourself an enchanting Moroccan haven.

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