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  • Ornate Highlife Framed Mirror

    Ornate Highlife Framed Mirror

    • £99.99


  • Swept Bevelled Mirror

    Swept Bevelled Mirror

    • £39.99


  • Champagne Leaf Mirror

    Champagne Leaf Mirror

    • From £16.99


  • 8 Bar Bevelled Mirror

    8 Bar Bevelled Mirror

    • £39.99


  • White Ormolu Highlife Mirror

    White Ormolu Highlife Mirror

    • £39.99


  • Wicker Weave Mirror

    Wicker Weave Mirror

    • From £14.99


  • Clear Edge Mirror

    Clear Edge Mirror

    • £79.99


  • Metal Mirror With Leather Strap

    Metal Mirror With Leather Strap

    • £29.99


  • Dressing Table Mirror

    Dressing Table Mirror

    • £39.99


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All Mirrors

Here at Dunelm we understand that mirrors are a thoroughly useful home accessory. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of mirrors in different sizes, shapes and styles.

Make the most of your available space with a large wall mirror, perfect for checking how you look on the way out whilst also reflecting light throughout your home. Likewise, a beautiful oval mirror will create the illusion of space, adding depth and texture to your walls. Complete your dressing table with a stunning triple mirror, which can be angled so you may see yourself from several perspectives.

In addition to its reflective surface, the frame of your mirror has the ability to transform the feel of your room. Whilst our wooden mirrors evoke a timeless elegance, an oak mirror or driftwood mirror embodies a sense of rustic charm. Conversely, a metallic frame is perfect for bringing a hint of modernity to your existing decor.

If you are looking to leave a lasting impression, our range of unusual mirrors will intrigue your guests and become a point of interest in your home. Similarly, our modern mirrors are the perfect choice when making a daring style update, whilst our French mirrors and ornate mirrors will bring an infusion of culture and sophistication.

With multiple colour options, including glamorous black mirrors, there are plenty of great style mirrors that are easy to care for and that require nothing more than a simple wipe clean.

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