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Curtain Tracks


13 results
  • Swish Deluxe Track

    Swish Deluxe Track

    • From £9.99


  • Superluxe Corded Track

    Superluxe Corded Track

    • From £24.99


  • Swish Ultrak Extendable Corded Track

    Swish Ultrak Extendable Corded Track

    • From £24.99


  • Net Rod

    Net Rod

    • From £0.99

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  • Tension Rod

    Tension Rod

    • From £2.50


  • Curtain Rod

    Curtain Rod

    • From £2.79


  • Curtain Wire Kit

    Curtain Wire Kit

    • £5.79



13 results

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Curtain Tracks

Choosing the right curtain track for your curtains is important as it can affect the way your curtains hang and if you have been looking forward to refreshing your d├ęcor with new curtains and you cannot wait to see what they look like choosing the right curtain track will definitely keep you smiling when you admire your new window dressings.

PVC curtain tracks are inexpensive and really easy to use; they are also very sturdy to take the weight of even heavy curtains such as thermal or blackout curtains. Our PVC pre corded curtain track is of very high quality and suitable for not only straight windows but ideal for use as a bay window curtain track too. We have a wide range of metal and PVC curtain tracks and even a selection from the well-known Swish brand. Enjoy your new or existing curtains with our easy to install, easy to use curtain tracks.


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