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Exceptional design with quality at its core has always been the hallmark of Dorma.
Delve into luxury and create the 'wow' factor with Dunelm's premium brand.

Dorma bed linen
Plain dye bedding
  • Curtains
    Add a touch of elegance to your room
  • Bathroom
    Pamper yourself with irresistible softness
  • Dining
    Stylish, practical & timelessly elegant
Room ideas
  • Inspirational room ideas
    Discover luxurious accessories and beautiful details that will make a difference
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Dorma is a British born business synonymous with style and quality and has been in existence since 1921. Dorma offers a whole host of bedding products from duvet covers to pillowcases and even woven quilts. Dorma products are often considered to be superior to that of other brands in the market and so consequently is often a touch pricier than competitors. For more information on the potential considerations and benefits of this brand, take a look through our Dorma guide.