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Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are praised for having many desirable qualities to benefit the home.

Aside from being luxurious and cosy, woollen rugs are ideal for adding warmth and texture to plain hard flooring such as wooden and laminate, no matter which room in the home it may be. Wool rugs are a classic chic furnishing and prove a perfect alternative or addition to carpets.

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Wool rugs are the perfect touch to add a layer of comfort and an element of warmth throughout your home. Ideal for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, wool rugs look charming placed in front of a fireplace or in the centre of a room to create an inviting plush look and feel.

Wool rugs are also a tough and resilient choice, underneath their beautifully soft exterior they are expertly crafted to be durable and resilient, for long lasting comfort. Perfect for sinking your toes into, our woollen rugs come in a beautiful variety of colours, shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to find one to match your home.

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