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Wooden blinds are fast becoming one of the most desirable window dressings on the UK market. The wooden slats help to add a touch of sophistication and class to your home whilst still performing all of the normal functionalities of a blind. Wooden blinds are available in a range of colours from a traditional pine shade to a darker wood, as well as a very contemporary white wooden blind. Wooden blinds are characterised by the horizontal wooden slats that can be tilted to allow a portion of light to filter through or alternatively pulled up to the top of the window frame thus allowing your room to flood with natural sunlight. These types of blinds are often also commonly known as wooden venetian blinds.

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Types of wooden blinds

Pine wooden blinds
The colour of pine is perhaps the most commonly sought after shade of wood for these venetian blinds. This type of wood will add a splash of natural charm and quality to your home without appearing overly dominant. The neutrality of the blind will mean that it can blend in perfectly with most decors whether modern or traditional. Wooden venetian blinds are a great way to allow sunlight to filter through into your home whilst still maintaining an element of privacy. The perfect option if your home is slightly overlooked.

Dark wooden blinds
Dark wooden blinds are a popular choice for more traditional homes and are often found to be teamed with a wooden floor, large fluffy rug and open fire. This cosy and classic British home setting is most akin to that of a cottage however, this stylish and traditional look is making a comeback and many homes across the UK are trying to recreate this look in their homes, whether they are new buildings or aged houses that are full of character. Dark wood blinds add a wonderful touch of character and style to a room whilst also being versatile enough to be teamed with a pair of neutral or plain curtains thus allowing your window to appear softer and more homely.

Coloured wooden blinds
Wooden blinds are a relatively traditional product and have been on the market for many years. However, as with all fashions, products are often adapted to suit a new and different audience, wooden blinds are no different. There is now a whole host of coloured wooden venetian blinds available on the market, from a tranquil cream to a more stylish black and everything in-between. The new colours mean that this wonderfully stylish product can be adapted to suit all manner of homes no matter the style. In fact the white wooden blinds have proved very popular as an accompaniment to the vintage shabby chic fashion that has been sweeping the nation. By introducing a coloured venetian blind to your room you will benefit from all of the stylish additions and functional capabilities whilst also ensuring that the colour of blind perfectly complements your d├ęcor.

Benefits of wooden blinds

Wooden blinds have many different benefits. A key aspect is the versatility and options of colours available on the market today. Whether you crave the dark sophistication of a wooden blind or the new styled cream venetian blind, there is a wooden blind option to suit all decors and homes. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of this type of window dressing is the functionality. This horizontal blind has many wooden slats piled on top of each other that can easily be tilted using the side controller in order to allow a stream of filtered sunlight into your home, whilst still helping to maintain a certain level of privacy. However, on beautiful sunny days when you want a more light and airy feel to your home there is also the option to pull all of the horizontal slats to the top of the window pane and allow sunlight to flood your home.

Wooden blind care instructions

Wooden blinds are a relatively easy product to care for; often a light dust will suffice. However, it is always recommended to follow our step by step cleaning and care instructions which can be found on the accompanying leaflet.


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