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Wardrobes are a staple to any bedroom, they provide a much needed place to hang clothes ensuring that they stay crease free and are ready to wear whenever required. There are many different wardrobes available on the homewares market, from a standard two door cupboard style to a simpler clothes rail design all of which are popularly available in a white or ivory shade. White wardrobes are very popular with the UK population as there are many different options to choose between. This guide aims to take you through some of the most important aspects to consider when looking to make a purchase.

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Benefits of a white wardrobes

As mentioned above, wardrobes are a fantastic way in which to store your clothing items that will mean that they stay neatly tidied away in a crease-free format. Wardrobes are often dark cupboard like items with two or more doors, these doors help to protect the clothes from any damage that could be caused by the sun light whilst also ensuring that they stay clean and relatively dust free. A white wardrobe is a beautiful addition to a bedroom, the light yet stylish shade will offer your room a contemporary feel whilst still functioning in the required way. Many people opt for a white wardrobe over a darker solid wood shade as the neutral colour helps to add a splash of light and space to the room whilst also being an extremely fashionable item. White wardrobes are also classically bought as part of a white bedroom furniture set, white bed frames, white chest of drawers and even a white dressing table all act as perfect complementary items whilst still playing a much needed practical part.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a white wardrobe

Wardrobes, as with many other furniture items, are available in a wide range of different sizes. As a general rule the more clothes that you possess the bigger the wardrobe needs to be! However, it is not always possible to hang up all items of clothing due to space issues and so this is where a matching white chest of drawers may come in handy, ideal for all of those non wardrobe essential items such as underwear or jumpers. Another aspect that can affect the size of wardrobe that you buy is the amount of space available in your bedroom. If you have a large and spacious room then a more expansive and grander white wardrobe may be the perfect choice so that you have the option to hang up many different clothing items without feeling like they are crammed together. Alternatively, a very fashionable option for smaller rooms is that of the white clothes rail. This wardrobe option is composed of a white metal frame that takes up limited space whilst still providing a much needed place to neatly hang your clothes. This style of clothes rack is also very popular in ladies dressing rooms as the white vintage inspired rail can be used to display a range of beautiful dresses; both a stylish and practical addition to the room.

There are many different materials that can be used to compose a white wardrobe, the most popular and traditional type being wood. Whether you opt for a solid oak or pine or even a combination of different types, there are many different styles of wooden wardrobes available on the market today. Wooden white wardrobes are often associated with the traditional design that is most akin to that of a wooden cupboard with doors that protect the clothes from dirt and sunlight whilst also ensuring that the room looks nice and tidy without having all your clothes on display. The white clothes rail option is more likely to be composed of a metal based material which then adds to the shabby chic style of the product, the perfect vintage inspired option for your room.

Complementary products
There are many different white furniture products that can complement the white wardrobe option, from chest of drawers to bed frames and even a white dressing table. Many people like to combine a white wardrobe with a white clothes rail, using the traditionally designed wardrobe for the majority of their clothes and the rail to display party clothing items such as a fancy dress or dinner suit.

White wardrobe care instructions

All our furniture items are built to last here at Dunelm Mill. However, since each white wardrobe is composed of different material it is important that you follow the step by step cleaning instructions to ensure that the product stays looking its best for many years to come.


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