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Duvet covers are one of the most commonly used homewares products found throughout many homes in the UK. Whether you opt for a fancy floral duvet set or merely a plain and simple block colour, the addition of a duvet cover will help to add that extra touch of warmth and comfort to your bed. There is an extremely large choice of duvet covers on the market today available in a whole host of colours, designs, styles and materials. However, the classic white duvet cover is still a very popular choice of bedding for many people, the classic yet pristine looking duvet set will add a look of pure style and simplicity to your bedroom.

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Types of duvet covers

Plain Duvet Covers
Plain duvet covers are perhaps one of the most popular designs on the market today and are commonly used in guest rooms as well as master bedrooms. The simplicity of the duvet covers make them a great addition to any home and will also help to complement the existing décor, such as a brightly coloured or vibrantly patterned pair of curtains or fluffy shaggy rug. Plain duvet covers are often available in subtle pastel colours or a bright bold block colour; however one of the most popular designs is that of the white duvet cover. Hailed for its simplicity in design this versatile duvet cover can be used for many years, the timeless style will not date or contrast with any changing attributes in your bedroom.

Floral Duvet Covers
Floral duvet covers are a very popular addition to a neutral bedroom. The flowery pattern can be as bold or simple as desired and can help to add a splash of colour to a room without seeming overly dominant. Floral patterns are often set atop a white duvet cover base to allow the design to really standout. Many people opt to have just a hint of colour in the flower pattern so that the duvet cover can match in easily with other items in the bedroom such as a brightly coloured pair of curtains or block colour cushions.

Benefits of white duvet covers

There are many benefits to opting for a white duvet cover, one of the key aspects is the simplicity and neutrality of the colour. A white duvet cover has the ability to complement almost any décor as it will act as a subtle yet functional item in your bedroom. Most people in the UK will own at least one duvet cover and will no doubt sing the praises of this bedding item. The soft cotton material will not only add an additional layer of comfort to your bed but also help to keep you warm and protect you from any irritations that you might feel if just using a duvet without a cover.

White duvet cover care instructions

White duvet covers are relatively easy products to care for and are considered a very hardwearing product. However, each of our duvet cover items are supplied with product specific care instructions to help your duvet cover to stay looking and feeling its best for many years to come.


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