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White Chest of Drawers from Dunelm Mill

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A chest of drawers is essentially a very functional product. They provide a much needed space to store clothing items that won’t easily crease such as underwear or soft jumpers. Items such as a crisp white shirt would probably benefit from being hung neatly in a wardrobe rather than folded away in a chest of drawers. A white chest of drawers is often purchased so that it will match or complement other similarly coloured furniture items in the bedroom. There are many different chest of drawers types suitable for large rooms or small spaces, master bedrooms as well as kid’s rooms

  1. Benefits of a white chest of drawers
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a white chest of drawers
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Benefits of a white chest of drawers

A white chest of drawers is a great way to add a splash of style and design to an otherwise functional product whilst also offering a sense of light and space to the room. White furniture tends to lighten a room and make it feel more spacious whereas a dark wood such as oak may have the opposite effect. A chest of drawers is a fantastic product; it provides a neat and tidy place for the storage of clothes and can also act as a filing system for papers or knick knacks. Many people opt to purchase a chest of drawers set as extra storage space when the wardrobe becomes over full, however they also play a vital role in providing a flat table top style place to position a lamp, jewellery box or even photo-frames. A chest of drawers tends to be composed of wood and is generally considered to be a durable bedroom furniture item that will last for many years to come. The neutral colour of the white drawer set will mean that even as fashions change the product will still look like a quality and beneficial addition to the room.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a white chest of drawers

White chest of drawers is available in a whole host of different sizes, from a large and dominant drawers set to a smaller more discreet chest. The size that you select very much depends on your storage requirements as well as the size of space available to place the chest of drawers. Many people opt for either one large set of chest of drawers that will hold the clothes of 2 people or alternatively 2 smaller type chest sets that can almost be used as a storage type of bedside table. As mentioned earlier a white chest of drawers product is not just limited to storing clothes so other useful bedtime items such as books may also be neatly placed inside.

A white chest of drawers tends to be composed of a wood based material such as oak or pine as these are hardwearing and durable materials. However, it is the finish on the wood used for the white chest of drawers that helps each product to differentiate from the other, from a muted matt style to a high gloss shine there are multiple different looks to these white wooden chest of drawers. Wooden drawer chests can also be decorated in an ornately vintage design that adds a touch of style to a traditionally box shaped product. Also, the detail used in the composition of the drawer handles can make all the difference to the finished look, from a decorative floral handle to a plane rectangle shape.

Complementary products
White chest of drawers are often found to be teamed with other white bedroom furniture items such as a white bedside table set, white wardrobe or even a white bed frame. All of these white bedroom furniture products combined together help to create a vintage inspired shabby chic style to the decor of the room, a very fashionable and much desired look.

White chest of drawers care instructions

All our furniture items are built to last here at Dunelm Mill. However since each white chest of drawers is composed of different material it is important that you follow the step by step cleaning instructions to ensure that the product stays looking its best for many years to come.


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