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Beds are a furniture item that every household needs, whether you opt for a single for the kids room, double for the guest room or even a super king size for the master bedroom, the options are endless. The material of the bed frame always needs to be considered and of course the colour. Many people are opting for a white bed, the neutrality of the colour mean that they can easily slip into an existing decor and will help to add a sense of light and space to the room. White bed frames are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and design types, leaving you a wide selection to choose between.

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  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a white bed
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Benefits of a white bed

White beds offer a room a sense of both light and space whilst also creating a touch of vintage style. White bed frames have grown in popularity since the shabby chic fashion has come into the homewares market. There are many different options of white beds available making them suitable for different room sizes; single, double, king size and even super king size white beds are popular at the minute each with their own benefits. White beds are also available in different materials from wood to metal and everything in-between. A white metal bed is often a quaint choice for a young girl’s room whilst a solid wood white bed frame is more suitable to that of a master bedroom. A bed is essentially a functional item however the colour and design of material used can help to combine both practicality and fashion to add a touch of subtle style to the decor of your home.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a white bed

As mentioned above, white beds are available in a range of sizes from single to double, king size to super king size, you’re sure to find the ideal size and shaped bed for your room. Often the bed is the main feature of a room and so consequently it is expected that the area required for the bed will be relatively large. It is important to carefully measure out the available space in the destination room to ensure that you choose the right size. Many people may require a double bed to sleep two people however, their room may be a touch too small, consequently a small double may suffice or alternatively additional furniture items may need to be removed and stored elsewhere. The size of mattress also needs to correspond to the bed frame that has been chosen; once the size has been decided upon it is important that you pick the correct mattress filling for your chosen bed frame, from memory foam to orthopaedic and everything in-between.

The material chosen for the bedstead is also an important consideration for both practical and stylish purposes. A wooden bed frame is perhaps the more traditional material type, the hardwearing properties of the wood mean that the bed should be relatively heavy duty and hardwearing, helping it to last for many years to come. These wooden bed frames are popularly available in a white colour, from a block white to a more distressed shabby chic style there are plenty of options to choose between in the white wooden bed frame range. Alternatively, a popular style recently has been that of a metal bed frame, once again the vintage style plays a part with the ornately designed metal frames offering a nod to this latest trend whilst still successfully carrying out all of the expected functionalities. These metal bedsteads are available in a wide range of white styles and will look perfectly quaint when teamed with a floral duvet set.

Complementary products
There are many different complementary products for a white bed frame one of which already mentioned above is that of the mattress. The mattress that you select is of great importance as this is the main furniture item that will reflect the comfort levels of your night’s sleep. A memory foam mattress will react to the pressure and temperature of your body and sculpt around you in a supportive manner. Alternatively the orthopaedic mattress is designed with comfort in mind for those that suffer from joint aches and pains, the supportive nature of this mattress will help to ensure you experience a restful night’s sleep. There are many other complementary furniture items on the market today, the most popular ones revolving around a white chest of drawers, white dressing table and of course a staple; the white wardrobe. All of these white bedroom based furniture items can be purchased and positioned neatly around the room providing both style and functionality, alternatively pick and choose which items you prefer for your bedroom.

A white bed is very versatile, there is a whole range of duvet sets and bed linen that can perfectly complement the colour; from light floral covers to a more dominant brown shade the options are endless. A white bed is ideal if the decor of your room is relatively neutral however it can also look a touch out of place in an already vibrantly decorated room set. In this case a pine or oak bed frame may be a more suitable option.

White bed care instructions

All our furniture items are built to last here at Dunelm Mill. However since each white bed is composed of different material it is important that you follow the step by step cleaning instructions to ensure that the product stays looking its best for many years to come.


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