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A blind can make your windows a real feature of your room. They have the ability to transform the look and style of your home in an instant; making them a very economical option. We have a wide and varied collection of blinds ranging from traditional wooden venetians to luxurious roman blinds, all available in an array of colours and patterns.

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Types of venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetians are a modern alternative to curtains. They create a chic and sophisticated look to your home whilst still maintaining the practical benefits of any window dressing; the ability to block out light and create a sense of privacy for your home. These blinds were originally predominantly used in offices and were limited to a silver coloured slat. Nowadays however, these types of blinds can be seen in offices, schools and numerous rooms in the home. The use of this blind has vastly increased over the past few years and this is probably directly related to the range of styles and colours now available within the aluminium venetian blind market.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Our range of wooden blinds incorporate the warmth and natural style of wood in a window dressing. At Dunelm Mill we have a choice of six different colours, nine widths and two drops, meaning you're sure to find the perfect look and style for your room. Created using Basswood, our first class 25mm hardwood venetian blind features colour co-ordinated valances and ladder strings. This style of venetian blind is relatively new when compared to that of the aluminium blind. However, the wooden venetian blind market has really taken off in recent years due to an increased market demand for a stylish yet affordable venetian blind. Our wooden venetian blind range perfectly matches this demand and has proven to be one of our most popular products. Another reason for high growth levels in the wooden venetian blind market is due to the rise in demand for shutters. This type of product is extremely expensive and so wooden venetian blinds provide the perfect alternative at a reasonable price.

Child Safety

Safety is a vital aspect of our design; consequently all of our venetian blinds include a cleat to keep loose cords away from children. Brackets allow for top, side or face fixing and it is important to note that as a consequence the blind may be reduced in width and height. Please note that it is not advised to place a blind cord over a cot, child's bed or sofa.

Where to use Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds add a touch of warmth and elegance to any room. Aluminium venetians are historically a classic office blind. With their sleek and stylish yet smart appearance they create the perfect look for an office. However, in recent years aluminium venetian blinds have begun to appear in different rooms of the house such as the kitchen or playroom. Aluminium venetian blinds are a perfect option for these sorts of rooms as they are available in a range of bright and natural colours, they have easy to adjust slats to allow varying amounts of sunlight into the room and also they are simple to clean, just use a duster or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wooden venetian blinds are a truly luxurious product and are the perfect addition to any bedroom or lounge. They are a very fashionable blind to have at your window and are often considered to not only be a practical choice but also a feature of your room. These types of blinds are also perfectly suited to a dining room; they will create a simple, elegant yet stylish look to your meal times. Wooden venetian blinds will look beautiful at any window; however, it is advised that they are not placed in any room that could easily become damp such as a bathroom. The reason for this is because water could affect the quality and durability of the wood.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

Both aluminium venetian and wooden venetian blinds are some of our most versatile products. On a basic level these types of blinds are perfect to help increase the level of privacy in the home. However, they also offer you total control over the amount of light or shade that is let into your room. Venetian blinds are suitable for various different sized windows from small to large, narrow to wide. The look that you get from this type of blind is one of class and elegance but with an affordable price tag. Wooden venetian blinds are often considered to be a more economical alternative to shutters. Venetian blinds have become increasingly popular with interior designers due to the fact that these blinds are durable, economical and easy to use.

Venetian Blind Care Instructions

Venetian blinds are among the easiest blinds to clean, simply follow these basic instructions to ensure that they stay looking great for longer.

  • All of our venetian blinds may be wiped clean with a damp cloth or dusted with a tailor made blind cleaner
  • Full product care instructions can be found on the packaging that accompanies the venetian blinds
  • Care should be taken not to bend the slats of the venetian blinds whilst cleaning