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Valances are an extremely useful bedding item and can be placed on many different styles and designs of beds, from divans to traditional bedsteads. The purpose of the valance is to provide an extra layer of luxurious gathered material to the bottom of the bed whilst simultaneously providing a touch of discretion for any items that may be stored underneath the bed.

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Why buy a valance?

Valances, otherwise known as divan trims or bed skirts have been popular in the UK for many years with this tradition still running strong throughout many households today it’s easy to see why they are such popular products. However, there are many different reasons why people opt to purchase a valance. Below is a list of some of the most popular.

The style and design of the valance plays are large role in the purchasing and decision making process. The long ruffled and gathered material is draped all around the edges of the bed which helps to add a touch of luxury and quality to the finished look of the bed. It is often possible to buy matching or contrasting valances that correspond to the rest of the bedding set, which is often a popular option with many people.

Beds are often a fantastic place to use as additional storage. The majority of bed frames will have an allocated space underneath that is not being used and so, with the addition of a few strategically placed underbed storage boxes the space is no longer wasted and is used as a very useful and handy area for storing extra items such as spare bedding or books. Divan beds however are characterised by their underbed storage drawers, the perfect way to maximise the space under the bed without having to purchase any extra boxes or storage containers. However, even though the under bed area is a fantastic way to monopolise spare space and can be extremely useful for storing additional items, it can sometimes look slightly unsightly in a room. This is where a valance really shines. The material is simply thrown neatly over the bed base and will subtly hide any storage items behind the cascading fabric.

Considerations for purchasing a valance

The size of the valance is probably one of the most important aspects to consider when looking to purchase a bed skirt. There needs to be ample material so that the valance can sit easily along the length and width of the bed base whilst ensuring that the cascading material at the sides hovers just slightly above the ground around the sides of the bed. Valances are available in numerous different sizes from single, double and even king size. Take your time to assess which valance will correspond to the size of your bed base and ensure that the look and fit will suffice.

Colour and Design
Traditionally, valances were only available in a plain white colour. However, as time and fashions have progressed so too have the different colourways of the valance. There are now a multitude of colours and designs available on the market to help make the bed trim a real statement piece in the room. Whether you crave a vibrant colour to focus the eye and act as a centrepiece to the room or desire a subtle yet stylish pastel shade to really blend in with the room's decor, the options are endless. It is also often possible to get valances that match or complement existing or new bedding sets helping to perfect the overall look and design of the bed.

Bed trims can be composed of many different types of material from cotton to net and even velvet! As a general rule if there is a line of bedding made up of a certain material then there is often a complementary valance to accompany it. However, nowadays cotton and polyester are some of the most common and popular materials as they are simple yet smart and very easy to clean an care for.

Valance Care Instructions

Each of our valances are accompanied by a product specific care and cleaning instruction guide to help keep your bed trim looking it’s best for many years.