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With the Jubilee and Olympics acting as the nation’s highlights of 2012 there’s no wonder that union jack inspired bedding has become such a great hit. The design and style of the union jack is no longer purely a national pride emblem but also an extremely fashionable addition to the home. People of all ages are opting to add a touch of Britain to their bedrooms with a union jack styled bed linen set.

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  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing union jack bedding
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Why choose union jack bedding?

As already mentioned above, the union jack emblem is a highly fashionable item to have in the home. Due to the popularity of the union jack, there are many different styles, designs and colours available. From a classic bold red, white and blue to a more subtle shaded monochrome version. Whatever the décor of your room and however brave you are feeling with colours, there will be the perfect union jack inspired bedding for you. There is even a pretty pink shaded option, the perfect choice for young girls.

Aspects to consider when purchasing union jack bedding

The size of the bedding is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when looking to purchase some union jack bedding. Whether you have a double bed and crave the style of union jack designed bedding or your child wants a hint of the British flag in their bedroom, there is sure to be the perfect solution available at Dunelm Mill. It is often found that the larger the bedding item the higher the cost, however, bed linen is something that is used on a daily basis so is usually worth the investment.

Obviously the style of the bedding is a main driver in the purchasing process of this type of bed linen. The design has been chosen, however the colours and shading are still available options. From subtle and sleek to bold and vibrant there are so many different variations of this simple flag that it could make it hard to choose. Many people opt to have their bed linen as the focal point in their room so, if this is the case, it is important that the bedding stands out and makes a real fashion statement. However, if your room is more subtle and neutral then a calming grey scaled union jack bedding option may be the perfect choice.

Union jack bedding is obviously quite a quirky and fashionable bedding item. The design and size of the bed linen set will depend of how much the items cost. The larger the bed, the bigger the duvet set and so consequently perhaps the price would be a tad higher. However, bed linen is something that all of us use of a regular occasion and so consequently if it serves a purpose and adds a stylish addition to the room. After all, if cared for correctly bed linen can often last for many years.

Complementary Products
As mentioned above, the popularity of the union jack bedding design is impressive. However, this style has not been limited to just bedding products, there are an abundance of different British flag based decorative cushions, curtains, rugs and even wall art. There would be no shortage on items that could be added to your room as complementary products to the union jack bedding.

Union Jack Bedding Care Instructions

Union jack bedding is composed of many different products from duvet covers to sheets, pillowcases to cushions. Consequently, it is not possible to provide one simple rule for cleaning these products. For detailed care instructions please refer to the individual product specific cleaning and care instructions to help keep your bedding looking great for many years to come.