Triple Bunk Beds

Giving your children enough versatile space to sleep and also making their bedrooms an enticingly fun place to encourage them to go to bed on time is sometimes a tricky task. However, with our triple bunk beds, this task has become a lot more manageable.

A triple bunk bed comes in the form of a double bed on the bottom bunk and single above. This allows up to three children to sleep at any one time and is ideal for sleepovers. Our sturdy ladders and strong frames make our triple bunk beds highly durable and are easy to care for with wipe clean surfaces to keep it looking at its best.

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Safety is of great concern for the whole family, therefore our three berth bunk beds have metal guardrails included for every top bunk to ensure there are no accidents in the middle of the night. The smart design allows you to accommodate under-bed storage beneath the bottom bunk, helping to reduce clutter and mess and keep maximum floor space clear for hours of playing.

Available to purchase online today, out triple bunk beds will keep your children entertained whilst giving you an easier solution for improved sleeping space.

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