Thermal Curtains Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Thermal curtains are the perfect window dressing for the winter months. The extra thick layer of fabric which is neatly attached to the back of the curtain helps to provide an extra layer of protection from any cold draughts that may seep through the window panes. Draughty or single glazed windows can often make a room feel cold and so consequently leads to many people being forced to use the heating for longer periods of time and on a more regular basis. This often leads to higher heating bills, something which can hopefully be reduced with the addition of thermal curtains at your windows.

  1. What is a thermal curtain?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a thermal curtain
  3. Thermal Curtain Care Instructions
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What is a thermal curtain?

Thermal curtains are characterised by the extra layer of thick fabric which is neatly attached to the back of the curtain. The fabric’s principal aim is to provide additional protection from any draughts or cold air blowing through the windows. However, the extra layer of lining will also help the curtains to hang better at the window, the added weight of the additional material means that the curtains will hang straight and sit neatly in position. Thermal curtains are also often favoured over other types of curtains as the extra layer of fabric help to create a luxurious and high quality style at your windows.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a thermal curtain

Purpose of the curtain
Thermal curtains are a great addition to a lounge or bedroom when there is a large window that has a tendency to be draughty and make a room feel slightly chilly. Thermal curtains are often used in rooms that are frequented often, as these are generally the places of the home that we want to keep the warmest. Due to the increased quality and thickness of these curtains the price can often be slightly higher than other curtain options, consequently it is important to ensure that the extra lining of a thermal curtain is required for your window or whether another version such as a blackout curtain may suffice.

Size of the window
When purchasing a new pair of curtains, the first and most important step is to accurately measure the dimensions of your chosen window frame. It is important to ensure that the curtains you select are an adequate size, nothing looks more amateur than a pair of curtains hanging at a window that don’t quite meet in the middle! There are a couple of different options to choose between to ensure that you purchase perfectly fitting curtains. Here at Dunelm Mill we have plenty of information on our website which clearly describes each step of the measuring process thereby helping you to select the correct curtain size when looking to purchase a thermal curtain. Alternatively, we offer a very popular made to measure service for our curtains and blinds ranges. This is a great offering if you have an awkwardly shaped window or you are unable to find a ready made curtain option that complements your window measurements.

Colour of the curtain
As with all window dressings, the colour of the curtain that you select is a very important consideration. Curtains can be as bold and vibrant or as subtle as you wish. Depending on the size of your window you may wish to add a brightly coloured curtain to an otherwise neutral room, this will help to add a splash of colour and personality to your home. Alternatively, if you are after a neutral pair of drapes there are an abundance of options on offer so you shouldn’t just be limited to a selection of cream!

Price of the pair of curtains
When looking to purchase any item the price is always a consideration. As mentioned above depending on where the curtain is being used you may be willing to pay a little more than normal for the added benefits of the thermal lining. People often pay slightly more for curtains which are placed in key rooms throughout the home such as the bedroom or lounge. A main reason for this is that these are areas that often need that extra touch of warmth and so investing in some thermally lined curtains is often cheaper in the long run than keeping the heating on for longer periods of time. However, if you already have a blind at the window you may be less inclined to invest in such a thickly lined curtain as you can already benefit from the extra layer of protection that the blind provides.

Thermal Curtain Care Instructions

Thermal curtains are one of the best quality items in the curtains market and so consequently it is important that you care for your items correctly. Each of our thermal curtains products come with a detailed cleaning and care instruction list to help keep your purchases looking great for longer.