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Table linen is also commonly referred to as a tablecloth; however this term can also be linked to fabric place mats and serviettes. The tablecloth is perhaps the most common form of dining linen as it is used throughout households in the UK to protect the services and decorate tables both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

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Types of Table Linen

As already mentioned, there are several different dining items associated with the term ‘table linen.’ The most popular are listed below.

Table Cloth
Table cloths are a fantastic invention, available in a wide range of shapes and styles you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home. Table cloths can be used in a variety of ways, the traditional purpose was one of decoration and style. By adding a table cloth to your kitchen or dining table you can really add a splash of colour and personality to your room. It is often also possible to purchase matching or contrasting complementary items such as place mats or serviettes. The table cloth is the perfect place to start if you wish to create a luxurious dining setting. Choose a deep red cloth to place over your table and then decorate with a large and centrally positioned candle. The cutlery and crockery can then be equally spaced around the table to create the perfect welcoming table setting. Another more practical use for a table cloth is to protect your table surface from spills and stains. The waterproof table cloth is a particularly useful product when it comes to feeding young children. The mess that they can make during meal times can sometimes take an age to clear up so having a waterproof wipe clean cloth can be the perfect solution. Finally, table cloths are also often used for updating old and tired looking tables. Dining tables can be relatively expensive items of furniture and so why not opt for a second hand table and cover with a beautiful table cloth – no one would be any the wiser! The beauty of table cloths is that you can have as many different colours and styles as you wish so changing the look and design of your dining setting is cheap and easy. People tend to opt for a bright and floral table cloth during the summer months and perhaps a darker sultrier colour for the winter months. It is also quite common for people to purchase Christmas themed table cloths for the main Christmas day meal. This can be in the form of a plain dark red cloth to complement the Christmas table centrepiece or as extreme as a snowflake and reindeer table cloth to keep the children entertained throughout the meal.

Linen Place Mats
Linen place mats are a quirky contemporary replacement for the more traditional plastic or cork mats. One of the key benefits to this type of place mat is that after every use they can be properly cleaned in the washing machine to remove any stains that may occur during meal times. This will hopefully help these products to stay looking their best for years to come. Linen place mats are also a great complementary product to table cloths or can act as a focal piece of decoration to a wooden table. This design of place mat helps to create a truly arty and individual look to your dining table. Available in a wide range of colours, materials, shapes and sizes you’re sure to find the perfect look and design for your dinner setting.

The key purpose to serviettes is that of practicality. Used for centuries as a way to wipe dirty mouths and fingers and often to mop up any spilt liquids from the table cloth or dining table. However, in recent years a whole range of different serviettes have emerged and they now lean more towards style and design than practicality. Available in a range of different colours and styles, sizes and materials there is a serviette for every meal type. A new type of serviette to be introduced into the homewares market is that of the linen serviette. This is a fantastic invention as they can often be machine washed time and time again, allowing you to only have to purchase these products once. The disposable counterparts are often cheaper per pack but can only be used once and so consequently in the long run will cost you more, whilst also not being very environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Table Linen

There are many benefits to investing in some stylish table linen, the main one being the total transformation that a few select items of tableware can bring to your dinner setting. Often all you require is a couple of knives and forks and a plate for a basic weekday meal. However, during the weekend you may wish to entertain friends and family with dinner parties, in which case you would want to create the perfect relaxing and stylish dining table.

Table Linen Care Instructions

As all table linen items are different there is no one sure way to care and clean for these products however, more often than not these products should be machine washable. However, it is always best to check the individual care and cleaning instructions that are provided with your products.