Stove top kettle

Purchasing a stove top kettle over any other sort of boiling device has many profound advantages.

Much easier to clean compared to electric kettles, their build up of limescale and mineral deposits damage the heating element and alter the taste of the water.

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Stove top kettles do not suffer from this problem and therefore are a cleaner environment to make your favourite drinks. Stove top kettles also do not require any electricity, so do not have to be crowded around a plug socket when in use. Ideal for power cuts and camping trips, you can use your kettle whenever you want.

Rejoice in the traditional tea making ritual by using a stove top kettle, with authentic whistling and a more cared for feel to your hot drink. The cost effective way to boil water, stove top kettles tend to cost less due to the lack of all the complex electronics needed for an electric kettle, therefore receiving an appliance with some distinct advantages without the normal cost associated with them. Available to purchase online today, our stove top kettles will be a handy and worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

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