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A Christmas stocking is traditionally an empty stocking or sock that is hung over the mantle piece on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus to fill with little toys and goodies for the next day. These little presents are often referred to as stocking fillers and are usually not of a high monetary value but still enjoyable to receive come Christmas morning.

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The History of Stocking Fillers

Although there doesn’t seem to be any concrete records of the origins of the Christmas stockings, it is a tradition that has been very popular in Britain for many centuries. Many years ago children used to hang their biggest socks from the mantle piece on Christmas Eve in the hope that Santa would fill them with goodies overnight. However, nowadays there are specially designed Christmas stockings that are used in the place of old socks and are often considered to be an addition to the general room’s festive decorations. These stockings are usually red in colour and festively decorated be that with a snow scene or one of the nativities. Christmas stockings are a wonderful tradition especially for young children who will often be seen to race down the stairs first thing on Christmas morning to see what wonderful little presents Santa has placed in their stockings. It is also a great item for the parents as they provide a much needed distraction for the children whilst they’re trying to organise breakfast and ensure the day’s events will run smoothly.

Types of Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers can range from small and low priced items to larger and more functional pieces. The options truly are endless for this type of Christmas gift.

It may sound boring and a bit of a clichéd Christmas present by now but there is nothing quite like putting on a new pair of fluffy warm slippers to start off your Christmas day. Slippers are a great idea as a stocking filler as they can be relatively cheap and are a very practical present.

Chocolate is one of Christmases great traditions, there are all manner of chocolates available in the market today and can be personalised to match the individuals favourite sort, from plain chocolate, to orange, mint to caramel the options are endless. A major benefit of using chocolate as a stocking filler is that it enables your children to participate in the eating of chocolate well before breakfast time. This is perhaps the only day in the entire year that it is acceptable behaviour to eat chocolate all day long if you so desire!

Body Lotions
Every girl loves to receive some lovely smelling bath and body gels. These products are considered as a luxurious treat and will fit snugly into the pile of stocking presents. Body lotions will help to kick start their Christmas morning with some lovely smelling products and leave them smiling for the rest of the day as the aromas will stay with them throughout the day's celebrations.

Stocking Fillers Care Instructions

Since stocking fillers are available in a whole host of different products there is not one sole instruction to ensure your products stay looking great for years to come. This is why each individual stocking filler item sold by Dunelm Mill are accompanied by a product specific care and maintenance instruction pack.


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