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Rugs are so much more fun and versatile than carpets or flooring. The right rug can make a stunning centrepiece in a room and bring all of your colours together. We have a huge range of beautiful pure wool rugs, luxurious sheepskin rugs, soft chenille rugs and novelty rugs for the kids' rooms. As well as looking beautiful, rugs can add warmth to a room and minimise noise on hard floors.

  1. Rug Manufacturing Process
  2. Natural Fibre Rugs
  3. Synthetic Rugs
  4. Rug Terminology
  5. Rug Care
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Rug Manufacturing Process

Rugs are made in several different ways. We stock a variety of styles, both factory made rugs and rugs made by hand. The style of manufacturing can make all the difference to the overall finished look of the rug. Here at Dunelm Mill we are proud of the quality and design of our factory made rugs and believe that our offering is truly great value for money.

Machine Made Rugs
Our wide range of quality machine made rugs is hard wearing and predominantly manufactured in Europe. Machine made rugs are excellent for withstanding heavy footfall so they are ideal for the busiest parts of your home, such as a hallway or lounge. Our rugs are available in a range of styles from traditional to modern and in a wide array of materials including acrylic, wool and polyester. This style of manufacturing is one of our most popular materials for rugs. One of the main reasons for this is its hard wearing and economical properties, making it an ideal choice for a busy family home.

Hand Tufted Rugs
Hand tufted rugs are made by hand on a frame from polyester, nylon, acrylic and wool. This style of manufacturing is often used for modern or contemporary rug designs such as the ever popular shaggy rug. It is one of the most time efficient means of making a rug and in recent years it has become increasingly popular with fashion conscious consumers. The way in which this type of rug is constructed is relatively rare. Skilled craftsmen individually thread strands through a canvas, and then a backing fabric is attached to keep the strands in place. Finally the rug is hand carved to add any extra detail required to the specific design of the rug.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Wool Rugs
Wool, with its natural ability to repel water and its resistance to breaking and compressing make this material an excellent choice for rugs. Many of our wool rugs are hand tufted as well as being soft, luxurious and hard wearing. These qualities make wool rugs the ideal choice for a stylish family home. The hardwearing properties of the rug mean that they will last for years to come; whilst the style of the rug means that they will add a touch of class to any room. These rugs are made from real wool so they may shed a little of their material at first. However, a bit of light vacuuming will lift off any loose fibres leaving your room looking clean and stylish.

Sheepskin Rugs
For centuries natural skins have been used for the backing of rugs, creating a hardwearing, and non-slip base for wool rugs. This style of rug is still a very attractive choice today. The popularity of this style of rug is no surprise, with its pleasingly long and fluffy pile, our collection of handmade sheepskin rugs is the ideal place to sink your feet into after a long day. This style of rug will complement all types of flooring, from wooden to carpet or even lino. The rug will grip to the flooring and instantly add a touch of warmth and luxury to your room. Our range of sheepskin rugs are made from 100% New Zealand sheepskin wool to ensure the finest quality. Sheepskin rugs add style and flair to any room and are often a welcome touch of warmth as a bedside rug. Please note that sheepskin sizes can vary slightly due to the natural nature of the product.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rugs are perfect for areas such as the kitchen. They are durable and hardwearing making them an ideal choice for a family home with young children. An additional benefit to this style of rug is the fact that they are very easy to clean, a quick vacuum and sponge down after family meals will leave them looking as good as new. Our synthetic rugs provide an economical floor covering and come in a vast array of colours and designs to complement our other collections.

Polypropylene fibre is a very popular choice for rugs. This type of fibre is very easy to manufacture making the finished product a more economical option for the end customer. Our range of polypropylene rugs is available in a wide range of sizes and colours, making them the perfect choice for any room in the home. This style of rug has countless benefits, such as being fade resistant, low moisture absorbency, stain resistant, easy washed and quick drying, hardwearing and low cost.

When considering buying a quality rug for your home, often the first material that springs to mind is wool. However, in recent years acrylic yarns have become increasingly popular. The features of acrylic fibre are now very similar to that of wool in terms of feel and quality. However, acrylic fibres have the added benefit of offering a larger variety of vibrant colours that are not possible with normal wool material. This style of rug also has many other benefits but one of the main aspects that appeals with this type of rug is the cost.

Rug Terminology

Rug terminology can be very category specific so it’s best to swot up on a few of the most commonly used terms to ensure that you choose your ideal rug.

Hand Carving
Specialised tools are used to carve the rug adding texture, pattern and dimension.

This refers to the length of the fibre protruding from the base of the rug. As a general rule, the deeper the pile, the more luxurious your rug will feel.

All new rugs will naturally shed some loose fibre from the pile. This process is in no way harmful to your rug and simply requires a light vacuum to keep it looking as good as new.

Ideal to give a sense of space and protect long narrow spaces like hallways, landings and stairs, our runners come in an extensive range of sizes and designs these can work over carpet or make a feature of wooden floors.

Rug Care

Here at Dunelm Mill, our range of rugs is built to last. If cared for correctly they should stay looking great for years to come. Each of our rug collections come with specific cleaning instructions but below is a few general instructions to help you care for your rug.

  • If using a vacuum cleaner it is always advisable to use the tools for a gentler clean
  • Stains and spillages should be treated according to individual instructions, but as a rule blot up liquid and use cool water only for best results
  • Do not machine wash your rug unless specifically stated in the care instructions that accompany your product
  • Rugs can often collect large amounts of dust or animal hair so try to give your rug a regular airing outdoors if the weather is fine