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Red microwaves

Introducing one of our red microwaves to your kitchen gives you the ability to conveniently cook and quickly defrost food in a safe manner every time you use them.

Some of our red microwaves have the capabilities to reach 1000 Watts of power and incorporate a 17 litre capacity, ensuring that cooking and defrosting larger items can now be done with ease and in a shorter time span.

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With our microwaves targeting molecules rather than relying on radiant energy, you can cook food and heat up drinks in an instant whilst you sit back in the evening. With a removable dishwasher safe plate inside, cleaning up after using this appliance could not be easier.

With a choice of power setting and some featuring an inbuilt grill, our red microwaves can suit an array of cooking requirements. The majority of our red microwaves use digital displays to provide simple instructions and provide clear and accurate timing information. With safety in mind; our child locks and instant door switch off systems prevent the chance of any nasty accidents from happening. If you need to defrost meat, cook a breakfast on a weekend morning, or boil some water for a tea or coffee, these small cooking appliances are sure to cope. Available to purchase online today, our red microwaves offer a stylish and simple solution to making something wonderful to eat in a hurry.

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