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Ready Made Blinds Buying Guide

Ready made blinds are one of the most useful window dressings in existence. Created with the most common sized window frames in mind you're sure to find the perfect blind for your room. Ready made blinds are the perfect option if all you require is a simple yet effective blind for your home. Available in a range of styles, designs and sizes our stunning ready made blind collection is sure to match your needs and decor.

What is a ready made blind?

Ready made blinds are available in several different styles from roman to roller; vertical to venetian you'll be spoilt for choice. Ready made blinds tend to be offered in a selection of set sizes. These sizes usually correspond to the most common size and shaped windows in the UK. As a general rule the ready made blinds will be separated into blind types such as roller blinds, then the colour and size of the blinds will be displayed. Ready made blinds are the perfect choice for most windows in the home and are often considered to have an economical benefit over other window fitting services, such as made to measure. However, in some circumstances readymade blinds might not be the best choice. An example of this would include a bay window; these types of windows are not considered to be of a 'standard' size and can be tricky to find a suitable ready made blind. In this circumstance the custom made service is perhaps a preferred option.

Types of ready made blinds

Ready made roller blinds
One of the most common types of readymade blinds is the roller blind. The simplicity of this style of blind lends itself nicely to the convenience of the ready made blind selection. Easy to use and simple to fit there's no wonder the roller blind is one of the most popular ready made blinds. Often found to be teamed with curtains or purchased with an extra thick blackout lining, these readymade roller blinds are hardwearing and extremely practical. Ready made roller blinds are often a popular choice for bedrooms, a principal reason for this is that they are available with a blackout lining, helping to ensure that your sleep is undisturbed from any excess light.

Ready made vertical blinds
Vertical blinds are also a very popular choice in the ready made blind selection. A simple to fit blind with enhanced functionality, these blinds really exude convenience. Ready made vertical blinds are often used in rooms that are overlooked either by neighbours or directly onto the street outside. The light controlling properties of the ready made vertical blind make these window dressings the perfect option for these rooms. Adjustable slats or louvers will allow light to stream into your room whilst still ensuring a decent level of privacy. When vertical blinds first came to market they were most commonly found in a cream colour, however, nowadays the ready made vertical blind market has exploded and is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Ready made roman blinds
Roman blinds are another great favourite in the ready made market. These blinds are a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury to your home at a reasonable cost. The ready made blind selection can often be substantially cheaper than any bespoke blind versions due to the standardisation of the sizes and shapes available in this selection. The size range offered in our ready made roman blind selection is often akin to that of the most common sized window frames. Ready made roman blinds have become increasingly popular in recent years mainly due to the look and style that they give to a room but also due to the economical benefits that this style of blind offers. The thickness of the roman blind lining helps to reduce the level of cold draughts that enter your home meaning that your heating bills could be substantially reduced.

Benefits of ready made blinds

Ready made blinds have become increasingly popular over the last few years mainly due to their economical benefits. A ready made or fixed sized blind is often a great deal cheaper than the equivalent blind in a bespoke format. Ready made blinds are also considered to be a convenience product as they can be bought immediatley, reducing any delay that may occur with the made to measure service. This style of blind is also a very easy to fit product and is accompanied by product specific fitting guide to help you display your window dressing in the most professional manner

Ready made blinds care

Ready made blinds are composed in much the same way as any other blind on the market and should require minimal cleaning. However, to keep your blind looking great over time, it may need a little spring clean from time to time. Each of our ready made blinds are accompanied with their own product specific cleaning and care instructions.