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The principal aim of a curtain is to block out any unwanted light from entering the home through a window. There are many different curtains available on the market today; different styles, colours, fabrics, lining thickness and of course design. There is also the option of teaming a curtain with a blind to ensure increased protection at your window from both light and cold draughts.

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Types of purple curtains

Purple eyelet curtains
Purple eyelet curtains are a very popular addition to the home. The stylish colours available in a purple shade are endless, from lilac to mauve, aubergine to magenta and everything in-between. A key characteristic of a purple eyelet curtain is the circular holes that are punched through the top of the curtain material and used to attach the curtain to the pole. This creates a modern and easy to use window dressing and will not only offer a stylish purple shade to your room but also protection from both light and chilly draughts that may sneak through the window panes.

Purple pinch pleat curtains
This new found purple curtain popularity is not just limited to those with a contemporary styled home. Purple curtains are also available in a pinch pleat style; this is often considered to be more of a classic design and one used commonly within a traditional decor. However, the range and variety of purple pinch pleat curtains is wide and varied, from a bold plain dark purple to floral violet designs, the options are endless.

Purple lined curtains
Once the colour of curtain has been decided, it is important to consider the lining of your window dressings. There are many different options available for the purple curtains range, from a thin unlined curtain to thermally insulated and even blackout drapes. The type of lining that is selected will very much depend on the key characteristics required of the curtain. If the curtain is destined for a child’s bedroom then perhaps a purple blackout curtain may be the perfect option, alternatively if the purple curtain is perhaps being complemented by a pale or plain blind then an unlined curtain option may suffice. The thermal lining is a great addition to a chilly window, where cold draughts have a tendency to seep through loose window panes. The thermally insulated properties of this lining will help the curtain to prevent cold draughts seeping into your home; thus hopefully allowing you to use the central heating less!

Benefits of purple curtains

There are a whole host of benefits associated with the use of curtains in the home. People often opt for curtains over blinds as they crave a more luxurious look to their window. Curtains are easy to use as can be smoothly drawn open or closed within one swift movement and can also be used as a complementary product to a blind. Curtains are also a great option if you have a larger than normal window as there is a wide variety of sizes available in our ready made curtain selection as well as the possibility of using the made to measure curtains service.

Purple curtain care instructions

Here at Dunelm Mill we have a wide range of curtains available in all manner of styles and materials. The care and cleaning requirements for each curtain will vary depending on material, consequently we supply all of our curtain ranges with individual product specific care and cleaning instructions.


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