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Rugs are often considered to be an additional layer of luxurious material that perfectly compliments your existing flooring. Whether you already have a lavishly thick new carpet and just want to add a touch of contrasting colour or your floor is composed of a slightly worn material and crave a splash of texture and warmth; a rug will be the perfect addition. Rugs are available in a whole host of colours, patterns, sizes and materials making them the ideal addition to all rooms in the home.

  1. What is a patterned rug?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing a patterned rug
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What is a patterned rug?

Patterned rugs are a very popular choice in the flooring market. This rug is available in a variety of different patterns from stripes to swirls, florals to cheques and everything in-between. The type of pattern that you choose for your rug will very much depend on the style and design of the rest of your room. Patterned rugs are exceptionally versatile and are available in a modern, traditional and even a neutral design.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a patterned rug

As mentioned above the existing style and decor of your room is a very important factor to consider when looking to purchase a patterned rug for your home. If you have a traditionally designed room and want to add a complementary rug then perhaps an oriental pattern will perfect the look of your home. Alternatively, for a more contemporary style why not opt for a vibrant floral spray rug that will add a touch of colour and interest to your floor. However, if the principal reason for wanting a rug is linked to the luxurious quality that the extra fabric will provide then you may wish to opt for a neutrally designed shaggy rug where the pattern is based around a subtle colour change rather than any other design.

The size of the rug that you choose is also of great importance. It is often useful to take a few general measurements of your room as well as detailing down the ideal size of the new rug. There are many different sized patterned rugs available on the market today, from large room sized rugs to small rug runners and everything in between. The shape of the rug is also an important consideration as they are available in large or small rectangles, room shaped squares as well as decorative circles.

There is a wide variety of pattern rugs available here at Dunelm Mill, from vibrant contemporary styles to more subtle and traditional designs. The colour that you choose is a very important element to the overall finished look of your room. A colourful printed design would be ideal for a child’s bedroom, whilst a more muted modern patterned range would suit a living room or master bedroom. Alternatively, here at Dunelm Mill we also offer a very popular traditional styled rug pattern which typically revolves around dark reds and browns; strong yet understated colours that can act as a wonderful complimentary flooring fabric to a dining room or lounge.

When looking to purchase any product, especially a homewares item such as a rug, it is important to take into consideration the cost of the item. As a general rule the larger the rug the higher the price tends to be due to the increase in material used to compose the product. However, there are other aspects of a rug that can affect the price; a popular one being the material used in its composition. There are many different rug materials available; shaggy rugs, carpet rugs, long pile rugs and wool rugs to name but a few. The material that you choose for your patterned rug will very much depend on how economical your rug becomes. However, as a general rule, the more luxurious and thick a rug feels the more likely it is that it will be a touch more expensive than lower quality options.

Patterned rug care

There are many different materials used in our patterned rugs collections, this is due to our extensive range encompassing a whole host of styles and designs. Consequently, each of our patterned rug products are accompanied by a detailed list of step by step cleaning instructions to help keep your rug looking its best for longer.