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One cup kettle

Investing in a one cup kettle not only saves money on electricity and water bills, but also shows that you have a conscience for the condition of the environment.

The special indicators of our one cup kettles have special filling marks for when you have put enough water in for just one cup; these filling marks go all the way to the kettle’s capacity, so you never have to waste a drop of water. These kettles are wonderfully effective, and their efficacy isn’t reduced in spite of their ‘eco’ credentials, with the elements inside proving highly effective to give your desired boiled result in a very short time. With many of our one cup kettles also featuring removable limescale filters, you can maintain and ensure that your kettle will last for a long time. Also available as boiling water dispensers, programme your new machine to dispense a cup of boiling water in seconds.

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Our stylish designs incorporating stainless steel and glossy plastics create the perfect addition to your worktop, when married to a 360 degree base to cater for left and right handed users, these one cup kettles will soon become one of your favourite kitchen appliances. Our high quality and durable materials will prevent burns and accidents with their insulated handles and firm sealing lids.

Impress your friends with your new efficient way of making them a cup of tea, whilst they go home only to guess how much water they should be using. Available to purchase online today, our one cup kettles will save you money and create a sleek addition to your home.

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