Oak Furniture Guide from Dunelm Mill

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There is nothing quite like the quality of oak; strong, sturdy and hardwearing, you can be reassured that your furniture will last for years to come. However, the quality of the oak furniture is just one of the many advantages to this type of product; the overall look that these items will offer your room is one of pure class and traditional luxury. Oak products are often chosen to act as a focal point to a room, be that a gorgeous oak king size bed or an elegant bookcase, you’re sure to make a real statement with this type of material.

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Types of Oak Furniture

There are many different types of oak furniture available on the market today. Some obvious and popular choices include an oak bedstead, whereas some more unusual items can also be found; an oak console table for example. Whichever room you are furnishing and whatever product you select, you can be assured that they will look stunning in your home whilst creating a look of pure class and sophistication.

Oak beds and oak bed frames are some of the most popular styles of bedsteads. The reason for this is that the wood is exceptionally hardwearing and so, whilst the price tag might be slightly higher than other materials the quality is vastly increased. An added benefit of purchasing an oak bed is that the product should be able to stand some wear and tear and so hopefully last for years to come. Whilst most beds may need replacing every now and again, the oak bed frame should be able to stand the test of time, making this product a fantastic investment. Although oak beds are often thought of as a traditional style, there are many different versions available, often in a more contemporary design. From elegant oak headboards to hand crafted bed bases, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your ideal oak bedroom furniture.

Oak Tables and Chairs
No dining room would be complete without a beautiful table and chair set. Whilst many solid oak dining tables and chairs can be relatively expensive, the look and style that they will add to the room will be priceless. There is nothing quite like a quality oak table set to create a true look of luxury in your dining room. The quality of the product does not just stay with the look and style of the items, the better the quality the more durable the product and so consequently your beautiful oak dining tables and chairs should stay looking their best for many years to come.

Oak Sideboards
Oak sideboards are a truly timeless piece of furniture that will create a wonderful sense of rustic style and charm throughout your home. Sideboards can be subtly placed in the corner of the dining room and used sparingly for storing cutlery and other useful dining products. Alternatively, if you crave the beauty and chic style that accompanies an oak sideboard then why not use it as a centrepiece to your room. The quality of material and overall look of the oak will already act as an attention grabbing focal point to your home so why not take this one step further and adorn the sideboard with a beautiful bright bunch of flowers to perfect that look of rustic charm.

Oak Side Tables
Oak side tables are a wonderful way to add a slight touch of luxury to your home without it being too overbearing in your room. Every item of our oak collection furniture has been crafted with the uppermost care to ensure that the qualities of the oak wood really shine through. Our range of oak side tables are a fantastic option if you crave a strong, sturdy yet stylish positioning for lamps or a place to rest your tea cup. These products also act as fantastic complementary products to other oak items such as the oak coffee table or oak bookcase.

Oak Furniture Care Instructions

Oak furniture is a very precious wood and so consequently due care needs to be taken when looking to clean your product. As all oak furniture items are different we supply a list of product specific cleaning instructions with each and every oak furniture item that we sell.