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Nursery Curtains Buying Guide

Curtains that are suitable for nurseries are available here at Dunelm . A key aspect to consider with a baby’s room is the level of darkness, babies tend to need a lot more sleep than older children or adults and so consequently will need the room to be doused into darkness at any given moment. This is where the beauty of a blackout curtain can really shine. Not only will the nursery curtain help the room to remain dark at all times of the day but it can also help to protect against cold draughts entering the room, meaning your baby can enjoy an undisturbed night’s rest.

Nursery curtain specifications

People will often spend a lot of time and money decorating a nursery and so it is important that you take the time to choose the correct style and colour of nursery curtains. There are many different colours available to match your needs whether you opt for a traditional baby blue or pink or alternatively crave an altogether different shade. Furthermore, the lining of the nursery curtain needs careful consideration as each different type of lining will provide you with varying benefits.

Types of nursery curtains

Lined nursery curtains
Lined curtains are a very popular choice for nurseries, the extra layer of fabric will help to create an added level of protection from the sun whilst also going someway to protect against cold draughts. Lined curtains are sometimes also teamed with a blind to create extra protection at the window whilst also helping to add a touch of luxurious glamour and class to the window with the extra cascading layers of fabric that the curtains will offer.

Blackout nursery curtains
Blackout nursery curtains are perhaps the most popular design, the blackout material will help to create a dark and comforting atmosphere in your child’s room which will hopefully allow them to experience an undisturbed night’s rest. Blackout curtains are also praised for their temperature regulating qualities making these curtains an ideal addition to a nursery. The blackout material will help to ensure that the nursery will stay warm during those chilly winter months by fighting off any cold draughts that may seep through the window panes as well as ensuring that the room stays cooler during those warm summer days.

Nursery curtains care

There are many different types and materials available for nursery curtains and so consequently it is important to ensure that the cleaning and care instructions that are accompanied with your product are carefully adhered to, this will ensure that your nursery curtains stay looking their best for longer.