Nursery Bedding Guide from Dunelm Mill

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Nursery bedding is an essential purchase for all parents with young children. This tailor-made bedding is designed to help young children sleep soundly and safely in their own bed. There are many complications associated with using normal sized bedding for a toddlers bed, one of which being an excess of fabric. Consequently, it is important to invest in some child specific bed linen.

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  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing nursery bedding
  3. Nursery Bedding Care Instructions
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Why choose nursery bedding?

As mentioned above, toddlers need to have their own appropriately proportioned bedding to ensure that their night’s sleep is both comfortable and safe. There are possible dangers with using oversized adult or larger child sized bedding as the mass of material could lead to the toddler getting tangled within the bedding. Nursery bedding is designed to perfectly fit the nursery bed or cot and is made from the softest materials that are also easy to wash and hardwearing. All important aspects when it comes to the bedding of small children.

Aspects to consider when purchasing nursery bedding

The size of the nursery bedding is of great importance. The cot or nursery bed needs to be carefully measured to ensure that you purchase a snuggly fitted bed linen set. Although many cots are a similar size, it is important to investigate the exact measurements to help ensure the bedding fits well and is a comfortable addition to the cot.

Whilst style might not be top of the list of priorities for a baby’s bedding, it is perhaps an additional consideration. Many people spend a great deal of time and money decorating the nursery and so consequently the bedding chosen could play a key role in the style and design of the room. There are many different options to choose between. The nursery bedding could act as a focal point to the room and something that leads the overall colour scheme or alternatively the bedding could be a subtle nod to the gender of the child, baby pink for a girl or a light blue for a boy. Whatever your design choice, it’s important to consider the different style and colours availale to ensure that the bedding looks perfect in the nursery.

Having children is often a very pricey and expensive time of life. It is amazing how many bits and bobs they require and how frequently they can use them. Nursery bed linen is no different. Adults and children alike will use bedding on a daily basis and it is something that is required to be hardwearing and long lasting. However, young children have a tendency to need a change of bedding on a regular occasion and so it might be wise to invest in a few different bedding sets. This may initially seem like a rather steep investment but they are a necessity and something that will be able to be used time and time again.

Complementary Products
There are many different items that can complement the nursery bedding, one of which is blackout curtains. These are the ideal addition to a young child’s room as they will help to keep the room dark for long periods of time allowing the child to sleep for longer, something for which many new parents would be grateful.

Nursery Bedding Care Instructions

Nursery bedding is available in many different styles and materials and so consequently it is important to follow the cleaning and care instructions carefully which is accompanied with each product.