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Neck support pillow

Find the best support pillow for neck pain from our wide range of contour pillows – perfect for you to rest peacefully and ache free all night long

Actively reduce your aches and pains with our brilliant neck support pillows specifically designed to be the best support pillows for neck pain, relieve stress on pressure points and aid your neck and spine’s comfort whilst you lie back for your downtime.
These innovative pillows provide a comfortable night’s rest by reacting to the changes in your movement, meeting your personal support requirements neck support pillows become an essential part of your bedding when you suffer from aches and pains and it couldn’t be easier to find the right support pillow for you and your body.

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Our wide range of firm, medium and soft neck support pillow densities as well as memory foam contour support pillows are a few of the most popular neck support pillows we have in our selection – giving you a wide choice to choose from as each individuals sleeping position is different. If you sleep on your side a contour neck support pillow would be ideal to help keep your spine straight and your neck supported to banish morning neck ache, however, if you sleep on your front perhaps a soft support pillow would be the best support pillow for neck pain - great for you to sink into giving your body perfect alignment whilst you sleep.

Reacting to changes in your weight distribution throughout the night, our high grade memory foam pillows help to ease the discomfort associated with a hard and unyielding pillow. Alternatively, you may like to choose from our medium or firm duck feather support pillows or even a wool neck support pillow. With a 100% cotton cover for breathability and a 100% duck feather filling, these neck support pillows are luxurious as well as practical. Made from high quality materials, these resilient products will offer a peaceful night’s sleep for years to come. To maintain simply follow the easy care instructions for washing and drying and treat yourself to a sumptuous support pillow to aid your head, neck, back and arms – revitalise and refresh your slumber and browse our full range.

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