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The term ‘Modern Rugs’ encompasses many different styles and colours. A popular modern rug is one that is composed of a deep pile material, commonly referred to as a ‘shaggy rug’. This rug is characterised by the long almost fluffy sections of rug that stick out from the backing material in an almost grass like fashion. Other modern rugs include short pile options that have a floral or vibrantly coloured pattern on them.

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What is a modern rug?

A modern rug can be defined as a flooring addition that will complement a contemporary decor. There is a whole host of rugs available on the market today and the divide tends to run between modern and traditional. Traditional rugs tend to focus on an oriental style pattern which will blend perfectly with an older more classical style room. However, modern rugs tend to be more vibrant and contain bold patterns which will act as a complementary element to the contemporary decor of a room. However, these types of rugs are also exceptionally versatile and consequently it would not be unusual to find a modern style rug in a traditional home, the trick would be to purchase a neutral coloured rug in a modern style such as a shaggy pile. This would allow the rug to stay in keeping with the existing decor whilst adding a touch of interest to the flooring, in this way it will be maintaining the traditional values of the room whilst almost giving a nod to the new fashions of the modern style.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a modern rug

The term modern rug can mean different things to different people, however as a general rule, this style of rug should complement perfectly the decor of a contemporary home. Modern rugs can often be classed as a thick shaggy rug, the length of pile used in the composition of this style of flooring additions is one of the key characteristics. The material used in this shaggy modern rug is often the aspect that acts as a key focal point and is often available in a whole host of colours from a subtle neutral colour to a bold and vibrant shade. There are many other rugs on the market today that would subtly blend into a modern home, a great example is that of a floral patterned rug. The simple yet stylish design will add a touch of interest to your room without being overly dominant.

As with all rugs and flooring additions it is important to consider which sized rug is important. Often modern rugs are selected in a ‘large’ size as the fashion for oversized luxurious rugs reigns through. However, there are many different smaller modern rugs used in the home, from a modern styled runner rug in a hallway to a fluffy rectangular rug in a bedroom. Adding these different rugs into your home will help to add a touch of comfort and luxury to your existing flooring whilst also creating a stylish focal point.

The colour of the modern rug is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider. Modern rugs are available in a variety of colours and patterns and are often praised for their versatility. Whether you crave the luxurious thick pile of a shaggy rug or the stylish characteristics of a patterned rug, you won’t be disappointed with the colour options available. Modern rugs are available in a selection of vibrant block colours, subtle pastel shades, ornate floral patterns and of course a monochrome style stripe. Whichever design and colour you choose you’re sure to find the ideal match for your home.

The price of the rug is always a consideration, as a general rule the larger the rug the more expensive it is likely to be. However, there are many other aspects that can affect the price of the rug one of which being the material used. Since modern rugs are available in a whole host of different materials, styles and sizes the cost can vastly vary. However, this just indicates the versatility of this design of rug since there should be something available for all budgets. The most important aspect to consider when buying your modern rug is the size, from there you can then decide upon which style, colour and material is available for your budget.

Modern rug care

As discussed modern rugs are available in a whole host of different materials and so consequently the cleaning instructions for each rug can vastly vary. This is why we provide product specific cleaning instructions with each rug to help keep it looking its best for many years.