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The very basic purpose of a curtain is to block out light at a window or door. The functionality of the product is simple however; nowadays it is not just the functionality that is important when looking to purchase a curtain. The look and design has, in recent years, taken over the practical properties as the most important aspect of a curtain. The style of a room and the softness that a curtain can create at a window is now of vital importance, so it is important to make the right decision.

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Modern Curtain Specifications

This new found importance in design highlights the significance of the modern styled curtain. Gone are the days when a window dressing can merely be sold on its functional specifications. Nowadays, the design, style and material are all key considerations. There has been a rise in popularity of modern and contemporary styled homes, with simple minimalistic designs. To accompany this new fashion of home design a beautiful range of modern curtains have emerged. Simple in design these curtains offer the opportunity for you to add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral room or blend in with a pre-existing colour scheme. There are several ways in which modern curtains are characterised, from colour and design to the curtain headings and accessories; there is a magnitude of choice to help add the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Types of Modern Curtains

Colour and Design
Some years ago the most popular style of curtains was heavy floral curtains often made out of some form of velvet or heavy weight material. The reasons for this were simple, the weight of the curtain helped to keep out any unwanted draughts and the design of floral velvet curtains were the latest fashion trend. As trends evolve the style and design of curtains that are in demand also alter. There is a new wave of popularity for home design in the form of modern and contemporary styles. The colours of these modern curtains tend to be based around a pale pastel shade or a block plain colour. The designs are generally also very subtle and often blend in with the base colour of the curtain. Modern curtains are used in two ways, either as an accent piece in your room or as a subtle complementary product to your decor.

Curtain Headings
The type of heading that you choose for your curtains can really make a difference to the overall look of your window and consequently your room. Tab top curtains are a very popular choice for modern curtains as they create a simple yet stylish design at your window. The material style hooks hang effortlessly from your curtain pole creating a modern and understated look. Eyelet top curtains are also a popular heading for modern curtains. The metal rings allow the curtain to smoothly glide over the curtain pole whilst simultaneously creating a contemporary style.

The material that you choose for your curtains very much depends on the style that you would like for your home. If a modern curtain is your choice then a light cotton style curtain with lining is probably the ideal material. The look and feel of the cotton gives a contemporary style to your windows whilst the added lining helps to block out unwanted sunrays and cold draughts. However, if you crave a more traditional look for your curtains, then a more heavy weight material such as velvet may be the perfect choice, substantial and good quality this material will add a touch of pure luxury to your windows.

Modern Curtain Care Instructions

Modern curtains look gorgeous in your home and take very little cleaning. However, each of our curtains come with individual product specific curtain care instructions to help ensure your curtains stay looking their best for years to come.