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Mirrored jewellery box

Our timeless mirrored jewellery boxes will sit perfectly on your dressing or bedside table.

Store your rings, necklaces and bracelets with ease, our inbuilt padded compartments ensuring that they do not move around or get damaged when put away and protect your trinkets and jewellery away from dust, dirt and tarnishing.

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Create the illusion of added space on top of your furniture whilst adding a striking feature to your room. Made from hardwearing and durable materials, our mirrored jewellery boxes will continue to look their best with just a simple wipe clean.

Many of our mirrored jewellery boxes feature as part of a furniture collection, allowing you to personalise and customise your room to create a stunning personalised look and feel. No longer have clutter table surfaces and find whichever piece of jewellery you want with ease. Available to purchase online today either as an individual item or as part of a furniture collection, our mirrored jewellery boxes are a kitsch addition to you room.

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