Kitchen Island

Storage is always a problem in kitchens - finding a place for all of those appliances, crockery and cutlery can be challenge.

Investing in a kitchen island adds some distinct benefits for the space you have. It allows you to gain cabinetry and storage; extra shelves, drawers and cupboards help you to handle all your belongings. Kitchen islands are perfect for children to sit at, allowing you to help them with homework whilst you prepare dinner or letting them get a snack or a piece of the fruit from the top is much safer than them reaching onto a worktop. Having a kitchen island also gives an opportunity to install extra seating and create another area to socialise and eat at.

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Being able to move your furniture around is a convenient feature of our kitchen islands. You can pick and choose where your furniture will best suit your needs, and if you decide that it is time for a change, unlike fixed worktops, you can simply move a portable island to a new position.

Available to purchase online as part of a collection for your kitchen or individually, a kitchen island is a practical and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture for your kitchen.

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