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Blinds can often be the perfect finishing touch to the design of a kitchen. Blinds are the ideal way to express your personality in a kitchen’s decor, whilst maintaining the importance of both practicality and style. However, not all blinds are suitable for use in a kitchen and so the style of blind that you choose may be quite heavily weighted on practicality. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice style, as there is a wide variety of colours and designs available for your kitchen blinds.

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What is a Kitchen Blind?

There are many different styles of blinds that are suitable for the kitchen, such as vertical, roller and venetian blinds. The style and design of blind that you choose very much depends of the shape and size of your windows and the layout of your kitchen. There are a few important aspects to consider when purchasing a kitchen blind, the key aspect being the suitability of the blind to the kitchen environment. In a kitchen you often encounter a lot of moisture or water from the sink and so it is important that the material used for your blinds is appropriate for this type of atmosphere. The roman blind for example would not be a recommended blind for the kitchen as the thick cascading fabric could easily become damaged and weathered in this situation. With this in mind, the following recommendations for kitchen blinds have been compiled.

Types of Kitchen Blinds

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are an ideal choice for a kitchen window. The blind will function in much the same way as it does in any other room, blocking out unwanted light during the evening and preventing your kitchen from becoming illuminated to all the neighbours during the evening. However, the most beneficial point of a roller blind in a kitchen is that during the day your roller blind can be neatly rolled up and rests in its small cassette at the top of the window frame. This ensures that your blind will remain safely out of the way of any food you may be preparing or pots you might be washing which will hopefully prevent any splashes or stains occurring on your blind. Another added benefit to roller blinds is that they can often come with a waterproof backing helping your kitchen blinds last for years to come.

Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are also a popular choice for kitchens. The light controlling properties of these blinds mean that even if your kitchen is overlooked by neighbours, you can still let a substantial amount of natural sunlight flow into your room without feeling like a goldfish in a bowl! The fabric used for vertical blinds is also much better suited to a kitchen environment than that of a roman blind or curtain. The vertical blind can be neatly pulled to the side of a window to reduce the chance of stains from food. Furthermore, due to the woven fabric design of the vertical blind any odours that may occur when cooking won’t be held in the material of your blind as it would in a more lavish and fabric based window dressing such as a roman blind.

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are one of the most stylish blinds that we offer, both in metal and wood. The wooden venetian blinds are perhaps the most popular material for this style of blind in the kitchen. Wooden venetian blinds help to perfect the country kitch look that has become increasingly fashionable over the past year. Not only is this product exceptionally fashionable and very elegant but also offers a high level of practicality for the kitchen environment. The ability to pull the horizontal blind slats up to the top of the window frame means that the entire window can be displayed allowing you to enjoy the view of a lovely summer’s day. This mechanism also helps to ensure that your blind is kept out of the way when you are cooking or washing pots, helping your blind stay looking its best for longer.

Benefits of Kitchen Blinds

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a set of kitchen blinds. Whether you desire a beautiful set of blinds to perfect the overall look of your kitchen or you crave the practicality that comes with this style of window dressing, there is a perfect option for every need.

Kitchen Blinds Care Instructions

Our range of kitchen blinds offer great quality and value. Ideal for the kitchen environment these blinds should stay looking great for years to come. However, from time to time they may require some care and attention. All of our kitchen blind ranges are accompanied by a set of product specific cleaning instructions.