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Kid’s curtains are a vital item in the bedroom, not only will they help to block out any unwanted light but they also provide a way for your child to express their individuality through the colour and design chosen for their window dressing. Children’s curtains are available in many different colours and designs as well as a variety of sizes, materials and different linings.

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Kids curtain specifications

A popular choice for children’s bedroom curtains is that of a blackout lining. The added thickness that this material will create ensures that less light can infiltrate the bedroom, hopefully allowing your child to sleep soundly for longer. Kid’s curtains are also often available in a range of attractive colours and designs, from bright pinks and blues to the latest cartoon character.

Types of kids curtains

Brightly coloured kids curtains
In general children love bright colours, they may crave a pretty pink palace of a bedroom or a jungle safari green and animal print look. Whichever their preference, the colour of curtain that they choose can really help to perfect the look of their room whilst also helping them to express their individuality and style. There is a wide range of children’s curtains available in every shade of the rainbow so your child shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect look for their room.

Lined kid’s curtains
Kid’s curtains are also available with different lining options. The most economical option is that of an unlined curtain. This type of curtain is often teamed with a blind at the window and is perhaps mainly used as a decorative piece in the bedroom. The next step up would be a lined curtain. This type of lining is relatively thin but would provide a certain level of protection from the light that may seep through the windows. Following on from this is the addition of thermal lining to the kid’s curtain, this level of lining will help to eradicate any cold draughts that may try and seep through the windows and into your child’s bedroom. Finally, perhaps the most beneficial lining for a child’s curtain would be that of blackout material. This lining type will not only block out any unwanted sunrays or light of a street lamp but it will also help to regulate the temperature of your child’s bedroom, helping to keep it warm in the winter and cool during the summer months.

Complementary curtain and bedding sets
With a child’s bedroom it is often possible to match up the curtains with the bedding set that they have chosen. It is quite common to see corresponding or complimentary curtain and bedding sets available to buy together. This will help to reinforce the theme of the bedroom whilst ensuring that the colours or patterns chosen do not clash with the overall décor of the room.

Kids curtains care instructions

There are many different types of kid’s curtains available all in different materials, styles, sizes and designs. Consequently, there is no one single cleaning or care process. This is why each of our children’s curtain products are supplied with individual specific cleaning guides to help keep your curtains looking great for many years to come.