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Headboards are perhaps not the first furniture item that you consider when looking to purchase a new bed. However, the addition of a headboard can make all the difference to your bed as a whole. A great pleasure for many on a saturday morning is breakfast in bed, not an easy task if you don’t have a headboard to lean on! People sometimes just use a wall to lean against, however, come winter this will look like a less appealing option when the walls have become cold from the drop in temperature outside.

  1. History of the Headboard
  2. Types of Headboards
  3. Headboard Care Instructions
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History of the Headboard

Headboards are an item of furniture that either comes as part of a bedstead or is a separate entity that can be securely attached to the bed frame. When headboards first came to market, their principal function was to block out any excess draughts and protect from any cold air that might come from windows. Headboards have traditionally been made of wood as this is a material that can withstand the cold better than stone or brick and was also a more flexible material to work with. Nowadays however the main function of a headboard is for practical and aesthetic reasons. The material however has generally stayed the same and many a headboard is still made from wooden materials.

Types of Headboards

There are many different sorts of headboards available on the market today. The product that you select is very much based on style and so consequently it is important to choose the correct headboard for your home.

Padded Headboard
Although the style and design of a headboard is important, so too is the quality of the product. By investing in a padded headboard you can be assured that you will receive optimum comfort levels from your purchase. Here at Dunelm Mill we have a stunning padded headboard available in a faux leather finish, adding a touch of both quality and style to the bedroom. This type of padded headboard is often considered to be a luxurious product and can help to increase the comfort levels of your bed, making those long lazy weekend mornings reading your book all the more enjoyable.

Wooden Headboard
Wooden headboards are a very traditional and classic product. The material used for these headboards means that they are hardwearing and sturdy, properties that are considered a necessity for most headboards. These wooden headboards come in a wide variety of sizes and can be attached to most bed frames, whether you have opted for a single, double or even king size bed. The material of your bed frame needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a wooden headboard as it is important that the headboard looks like it’s truly part of the existing bed. A white bed frame, for example, might look slightly out of place with a dark wood bed.

Headboard Care Instructions

Headboards are pretty low maintenance products and require very little care. However, as all headboard materials can vary we have created some product specific cleaning and care instructions for each headboard that will accompany the headboards.