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Guest beds

Do not subject guests, friends or family members to a night on the sofa with one of our guest beds.

Our ranges of guest beds span from folding beds to roll out sections incorporated into a bedstead, all ensuring that guests get a welcome and comfy place to sleep.

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Our folding guest beds are ideal for an impromptu stay overnight or your child’s sleepovers, easily unfolded, ready in a matter of seconds and effortlessly manoeuvrable due to the inbuilt wheels, this really is the piece of furniture for all occasions. Stored in a small space, this bed does not have to take up a large amount of room when not in use, whilst the strong and sturdy metal frame provides the perfect foundation to support our supple mattresses.

Guest beds do not come more accommodating than with our roll out bedstead designs. Incorporated underneath your everyday bed, the secondary full mattress can be slid out in a moments notice to provide a real bed that will welcome guest as if they were in their own home. When your guests leave, simply roll the mattress back into your bedstead and return your room to normality with barely any effort at all. Available to purchase online today, our guest beds will guarantee the finest hospitality for your guests when in your home.

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