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Glass kettle

Owning a glass kettle creates an experience that cannot be matched by ceramic or metal counterparts.

Create a visual display that you never realised could be so spectacular, our glass kettles make the process of boiling water completely visual, see the water bubble and squirm under the intense heat created within the kettle.

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Invest in a glass kettle today and experience the benefits that such an appliance brings. By far easier to clean, our glass kettles allow you to see exactly where the dirt is, allowing you to make the glass sparkle once more and shine on your worktop. Our transparent glass creates a display piece that will dazzle your friends and will become more than just a mechanism for making tea and coffee.

Glass kettles also do not affect the taste of your tea or coffee. Often, other kettles tend to leave a metallic taste in the mouth as limescale builds inside the heat cylinder; this only becomes avoided by drinking very strong blends of tea. A glass kettle allows you to enjoy the intricate flavours of whichever tea you choose, creating a better and purer drinking experience. Available to purchase online, our glass kettles will give you a better drinking and a beautiful addition to your home every time you use it.

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