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Floating Candles

Create the perfect romantic night in with these quaint floating candles.

Floating candles create a beautiful display of tranquil lighting, ideal for being placement around the bath tub, or positioned in your living room or table centrepiece. A great way of creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home, the delicate and unique qualities of floating candles exude charm and warmth, making them ideal to set the tone for a romantic night in, giving off a subtle glow that feels calming and laid back.

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Floating candles look fantastic free standing, placed in a decorative dish, a bowl of clear or coloured water or sat atop colourful stones and sand. Floating candles can create a versatile look, whether your home is a hive of vibrant colour, or classically chic, they are an ideal decoration to enhance your home.

Perfect for placing on the mantel piece, fireplace or coffee table, our floating candles can be a effective element for the perfect table decoration or stunning centrepiece.

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