Feather Pillows

Everybody loves to snuggle up in a warm cosy bed and let their head sink deeply into a sumptuously padded pillow.

Feather pillows are the perfect addition to any bedding set; these thick plump cushions are stuffed with the highest quality duck or goose feathers which helps to add a touch of luxury to your bedtime. Feather pillows are also designed with a cotton exterior to help keep the feathers neatly encased within the cushion whilst also ensuring that the feathers will remain in place throughout the night.

These beautiful feather pillows not only offer a wonderful sense of class and quality to your bedding set, they also provide some much needed head and neck support, helping you to drift off into a world of comfort and slumber. Although feather pillows are often considered to be superior in quality to other, perhaps cheaper, alternatives, they are generally the same size and depth of an average pillow and so therefore can still be used with your existing bed linen.