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Curtains are one of the most important homewares items on the market today. They provide much needed protection at your windows from draughts, light and the street outside. Curtains are available in many different styles and designs all of which can affect the way the material looks and hangs at your window. A very popular style of window dressing in homes throughout Britain is an eyelet curtain.

  1. What is an eyelet curtain?
  2. Aspects to consider when purchasing an eyelet curtain
  3. Eyelet Curtain Care Instructions
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What is an eyelet curtain

Eyelet curtains are characterised by the ring shaped metal lined hoops that are placed in a line and run along the top line of the curtain. The curtain pole can then be neatly slid through these hoops in order to hang the curtains neatly at the window. Hole based curtain attachments is a very popular option for many people throughout the UK, the eyelet element of the curtain makes hanging the window dressing simple and easy whilst the style of the curtain is one of contemporary design and class.

Aspects to consider when purchasing an eyelet curtain

The style of curtain that you choose is an important consideration when looking to purchase a pair of curtains. There are many different options available in the curtain market, from pinch pleat to tab top and of course eyelet. Each style of curtain will provide a different look at your window and the way the curtains hang from a pole will vary with each different type. Eyelet curtains are one of the most modern styles of curtain hangings and will perfectly complement a contemporarily designed home.

The size of the curtain is also an important aspect to consider when deciding on the style and hanging of the curtain. If your window is large and therefore might require a substantially sized curtain then an eyelet heading would probably be an ideal option. The smooth eyelet holes will run effortlessly across the curtain pole with no tugging or undue pressure placed on the curtain material or pole. The curtains can be easily pulled open and closed instantly without any difficulty or resistance that can sometimes be experienced with other large curtain topped designs.

It is important to consider the overall colour, design and pattern of the curtain. Once you have decided whether an eyelet curtain will satisfy your requirements and style it’s important to focus on the overall look of the curtain and ensure that the colour complements the rest of your décor. Eyelet window dressings are available in many different colours as well as a variety of patterns.

Curtains can vastly vary in price. The cost of a pair of curtains will depend on many different aspects such as the size of the curtain, the material and the quality. It seems obvious that in general the larger the curtain the more expensive it is likely to be, this makes sense as the curtain will be using more material. However, there are other elements that need to be considered when looking at the price of curtains. If you opt for a blackout eyelet curtain then it is likely to cost more than an unlined curtain. This is because there is an addition of a blackout layer of fabric which helps to keep any excess light out of a room whilst also helping to regulate the temperature in the home by keeping those pesky draughts out. Obviously this type of blackout curtain has many benefits that could help improve your home, however, the investment would need to be carefully considered. If the curtain is for a bedroom then this could potentially be a great addition to the room.

Eyelet Curtain Care Instructions

Eyelet curtains are available in many different materials and so consequently the cleaning instructions can vastly vary. A product specific care and cleaning instruction guide will be provided with each eyelet curtain product.