Production Assistant

Simon Sturges
Simon Sturges, Production Assistant We're all working towards the same goal

I’m definitely an all-rounder. It’s a good job I am too. You’ll find me measuring and shaping valances one minute, and setting eyelets the next. Or I might be measuring curtains or taking trips out in the van. It’s varied, to say the least.

Patience is a virtue. Even though there’s so much going on, keeping a calm, clear-headed approach is very important. If you work methodically and with concentration things get done right the first time. That’s when you know you’re making real progress.

Time flies by when you’re busy. With this much volume and variety of work comes a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. It’s something that everyone in the team shares together.

We’re all working towards the same goal. If any obstacles stand in the way, we’re all keen to get them sorted out quickly and to everyone’s advantage. That’s the sign of a good team, and the benefits can be felt through our friendly atmosphere and at our many social events.

There’s lot to be learnt. I’ve learnt that the methodical approach gets results. Over the years, the company’s learnt the value of having multi-skilled people. So you can expect to find training when you need it.

Just being around good people is enough to make me feel at home. So you could say I feel at home at work. But nothing beats a fine bottle of wine and having friends round for company.


  • Production Assistant