Warehouse Operative

Tracy Roberts
Tracy Roberts, Warehouse Operative I get a buzz from doing my job well

It’s a busy role, but it’s enjoyable too. Picking deliveries for a Dunelm store, finding the right products, choosing the right quantity – and sometimes helping our Goods-In team too. There’s always something to keep you occupied.

Dunelm is far more flexible than other companies I’ve worked for. There’s an understanding that everyone has a personal life, and that family commitments are really important. They should know, they’re still a family-run business.

I get a buzz from doing my job well. Even something like stacking pallets. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit of a perfectionist – everything has to be just right. But I think it’s probably more to do with the fact that I take pride in my work.

It’s fun and friendly place to work. There’s a real sense of cooperation right across our team. That makes a big difference.

What makes me feel at home? Sitting on the settee with a big mug of tea, with the kids out of the way. My free time is precious, so I make the most of it!


  • Warehouse Operative