Team Supervisor

Jo Bates
Jo Bates, Team Supervisor I've learnt some important things in the role

I started my manufacturing career in a small family firm. It just so happens that now I’m working in a very large family firm. But even though we’re part of something big, there’s still a real family atmosphere.

It’s my job to keep things running smoothly. That can involve a real variety of tasks – from solving problems to monitoring the progress of my team. Each day brings something new.

I’ve learnt some important things in this role. As a manager you need to develop a good sense of understanding, great listening skills and plenty of confidence. I’ve passed a team leadership course through Dunelm, which really made me feel more prepared to take challenges head on.

Being part of a happy team is really important. It leads to a higher standard of work and motivates people to get things done on time. Best of all, it makes work really enjoyable.

It’s great when everything comes together. Seeing customer’s orders completed on time and with no problems leaves me with a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

You can develop new skills and improve on existing ones here.Along with the friendly environment, good career prospects and flexible holidays, it’s one of the best things about working here.

What make me feel at home? Well, a good movie on the TV and a takeaway is very nice. But I love it when my grandchildren stay over for the night.


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