Fabric Manager

Jayne Carnall
Jayne Carnall, Fabric Manager I'm lucky to lead such an excellent team

My first role here was as a Sales Assistant. But over the five and a half years I’ve been with Dunelm I gained a great deal of knowledge about fabrics and management. Now I’m using this knowledge in a role that’s different every day.

Being a good manager has a lot to do with common sense. When you’re working with people, it’s common sense to have good communication skills. And when you’re trying to provide a service, it’s definitely common sense to be aware of what your customers want and need.

I’m lucky to lead such an excellent fabric team. They work together to provide the most important thing – brilliant customer service.

In this job, you’re never quite sure what’s going to happen next. What’s certain is that there’ll be challenges that have to be met. But that’s exactly what keeps things interesting in our busy department.

There’s a friendly, family atmosphere here. And I enjoy being with family and friends. But after a busy day at work, there’s nothing like relaxing at home.


  • Fabric Manager