Financial Director

David Stead
David Stead, Financial Director I genuinely think that Dunelm feels like one team

I’d spent many years in a larger organisation. But I wanted to move to a business where I knew I’d make a real contribution – a business with real potential for growth. It turned out that Dunelm was just the place I’d been looking for.

It’s hard to give a real flavour of the variety in my role. I’d end up writing a novel about it. Suffice to say, a lot of my time is spent making sure that my team and I have all the information we need to make key decisions.

The key thing for me is being well organised. It’s important that I contribute to many different pieces of work in parallel. It’s also essential that I communicate clearly, whether it’s explaining a complex accounts issue to executives, or telling a wider group of staff about pension arrangements. A sense of humour is handy too.

In Finance, we deliver a vital service with no fuss. We pay our staff, pay our suppliers, provide regular sales information and manage accounts – and the buck stops with me. But making it all happen is a brilliantly competent team.

By getting involved first hand, I’ve learned lots in this role. From dealing with banks and negotiating tax returns, to planning the use of US dollars for buying products from overseas. Most of all I’ve learned a huge amount about the detail of retail operations, and what it takes to be a successful operator. Currently, I’m involved in two very important projects – a new IT system and a Stock Loss prevention programme. Both of these projects represent huge opportunities for our business.

We get on with stuff here. We can always see ways to improve what we do, whether it’s in stores or any other area of the business. So it feels dynamic and self-sufficient all the time.

From the boardroom to the shop floor, everyone’s focused. We all want to do what’s right for our business. And that’s getting every detail right for our customers. It sounds obvious, but in my experience it’s rarely found. In a big organisation, it’s easy for people to overlook what really matters. But I genuinely think Dunelm feels like one team.

Things can only get bigger and better. Now is the time to get on board with us because as we grow, there will be plenty of opportunities to develop yourself in all sorts of ways.

I’ve an active life. I’ve two daughters, and it’s great to spend time as a family whenever I can. I jog and I play football, squash, cricket and any other sport I get the chance to. What makes me feel at home? My wife and my prize collection of CDs – in that order of course!


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