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Dorma bedding products are one of the most highly considered, quality and stylish brands on the market. A well known British based brand that has been in the bedding market for decades. The fact that Dorma is still a household name is testament to the fact that the bedding products are high quality, stylish and sold at a respectable price.

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Why Buy Dorma Bedding?

There are many different bedding products available on the market from a variety of brands. However, if quality and durability are key factors in your bedding selection process then Dorma would be an exceptional choice. The Dorma bedding brand was first brought to market in the early 1920s where the marketplace was a very different place and styles and fashions were markedly different to those of today. The fact that these Dorma products are still in high demand really proves the versatility of the brand. Dorma have managed to constantly change the designs and colours of their bedding products whilst still maintaining the highest levels of quality that the loyal customer base has come to expect. There are many cheaper imitation bedding products available today, however, if you crave the luxury of the Dorma brand and are looking for some bedding that can be used for many years to come then it might be worth investing in a Dorma product. Dorma bedding is made from the highest quality materials and the designs and styles are regularly reviewed to ensure that the products offer something for every home, no matter the style and decor.

Types of Dorma Bedding

Bedding is one of the main specialities of the Dorma brand and consequently encompasses all number of different products. Below is listed a few of the most popular ranges.

Dorma Duvet Covers
The majority of the Dorma duvet covers are available in a wide range of sizes from single to super king size, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home. These duvet covers ooze class and luxury and are exquisitely soft to the touch. The style of a Dorma duvet cover is one of understated class and elegance. With patterns interwoven into the quilt cover fabric this product is a truly beautiful piece of bed linen.

Dorma Quilted Throw
Our fantastic range of quilted throws is a wonderful way to add an extra layer of warmth to your bed linen set. The perfect complementary addition to the Dorma duvet cover, this quilted throw can be added to the bed during the winter months for an extra layer of heat or simply used as a decorative piece during the day and then removed once you head to bed. Dorma quilted throws are the epitome of class and luxury and will help to create a look of pure elegance in your bedroom.

Dorma Pillowcases
The bed is the main feature of any bedroom and if you are looking to make a big impact in the room then a fabulously dramatic bed set will usually act as a great focal point and a place for which to start designing the rest of your room. A good starting point is to match your pillowcases with the selected duvet cover or alternatively add contrasting coloured pillowcases to the bed linen set. Although small the design and colour of the pillowcases can make all the difference to the finished look of the bedding.

Dorma Bedding Care Instructions

There are many different Dorma bedding items in this collection and so consequently there is no simple way in which to care for these products. With this in mind, we supply individual product specific care and cleaning instructions with each Dorma bedding item.