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Dorma Buying Guide

Dorma is a quality bedding brand born in the UK. This brand name has been in existence since 1921 and is still a firm family favourite today. The Dorma brand is centred on quality products from bed linen to towels, curtains to blankets, the range is endless.

Why choose Dorma products?

Dorma products represent quality and style whilst still ensuring that the price proposition represents value for money. Although Dorma products may be slightly pricier than alternative brands on the market, the required levels of quality for all Dorma products should see your items lasting for years to come. The popular mantra of ‘buy once and buy well’ really rings true with the Dorma brand as the quality of the products are evident.

Types of Dorma products

The Dorma brand has been around for many years and so consequently there is an abundance of various different Dorma products on the market today. Below is a list of some of the most popular items.

Dorma Duvets
Duvets are a product that is well worth the extra investment. If you purchase a top quality duvet initially then it really should last for several years. There are a multitude of cheap and thinly lined duvets available on today’s market, however these cheaper imitations will soon become lumpy and uncomfortable and will no doubt leave you craving the thick luxurious filling of a Dorma duvet. Here at Dunelm Mill we’re proud to offer some of the highest quality Dorma duvets in existence. The thick and sumptuous properties of the duck down duvet will help you drift off into a world of slumber. Our fantastic range of Dorma quilts are available in a range of sizes; single, double, king-size and even often found in a super king-size. Not only are these Dorma duvets the ultimate luxurious bedding product but they are also extremely easy to care for as they can often be simply cleaned in the washing machine at home. Our fabulous range of Dorma duvets are also available in 13.5 tog, this will help to ensure that you stay toasty and warm throughout those cold winter nights. Not only are these Dorma duvets available in duck down material but there is also an option to select goose down which will help to create the perfect setting for a great night’s sleep. The outer case of the duvet is composed of 100% cotton and is often formed as a jacquard shape which will act as a means to trap large volumes of air meaning that you and your duvet will stay warm throughout the night.

Dorma Towels
Towels are a necessity for all households and a multitude of these products are often found in every house; bath towels, face towels, guest towels, flannels the list goes on. Once again, towels are not really a product that should need replacing on a regular occasion. If you purchase a good quality towel then the value and features of this product should see it easily being used on a daily basis for at least a few years. This is why Dorma towels are a fantastic choice as the quality of the product is evident from the thick and luxurious feel of the towel. However, there are also several other aspects that need to be considered when purchasing a towel such as the colour or how soft and fluffy the towel, as well as the size, shape and purpose. Each of these aspects are satisfied by the Dorma towel selection as the comfort and design of these towels truly surpasses expectations. A key reason for this is perhaps the high quality merino wool that is used in the composition of these products. Further to this is the range of subtle yet stylish choice of colours available to complement perfectly the soft yet hardwearing features of the towel. These Dorma towels have been designed with practicality in mind as the towels have the ability to absorb around a 3rd of their own weight making them a great investment to use as a bath towel.

Dorma Table Linen
Table linen is perhaps not the first product that would be popularly associated with the Dorma brand however; Dunelm Mill offers a stunning range of Dorma table linen. These products encompass all the normal qualities that are expected from a Dorma product such as quality and longevity however, the table linen products have a real focus on style and offer a simple yet understated display of dining fashion.

Dorma Care Instructions

Since there are so many different products encompassed within the Dorma brand name there is no one simple cleaning or care instruction. However, each Dorma product is accompanied by a product specific cleaning and care instruction list.