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Doormats are an everyday product that are used throughout households in the UK. Whether you opt for a simple grey or brown mat or a more vibrant floral pattern they all function in the same way and provide a much needed space to wipe dirty feet before entering the home. Some doormats are used as an exterior addition to the home and are placed on the doorstep, whereas others are used on the interior of the house and placed in front of the door to protect the carpet from dirt and water. There are many different types of doormats available on the market today and this guide is designed to talk you through some of the most popular designs.

  1. What is a doormat?
  2. Different types of doormats
  3. Doormat care
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What is a doormat?

Doormats are designed with an absorbent material to help protect your floor from dirty, wet footprints. They are essentially a small rectangular mat that is designed to be placed either at the entracnce to a hallway, infront of the door, or on the footpath, on the external side of the door. The short pile used with this type of mat helps to catch dirt particles and moisture from the shoes of your family and guests. Many doormats are also fitted with an anti-slip backing to help ensure the doormat stays in place during and after use. Doormats are often also used as a fashion accessory to the home and can be adorned with messages such as ‘Welcome’. There are also many different matrerials that a doormat can be composed of such as rubber, coir or synthetic.

Different types of doormats

Traditional doormats
A traditional doormat will often be made of a combination of coir and rubber and will commonly resemble that of a brown bristle like material which will help to brush off any excess dirt or water from shoes. This type of doormat can be used either internally or externally and will provide excellent protection for your existing flooring from muddy footprints. This is a classic design of doormat and is a very popular style found throughout many different homes in the UK, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Patterned Doormats
Doormats nowadays are often considered to be an extention of the home's style and design, conseuqnetly, there has been a rise in popularity over recent years for patterned doormats. This type of doormat will be composed of a similar type of material to most traditional doormats. However, the colours used are likely to be more vibrant and bold whilst the patterns are also more dominant. A popular style at the minute is to have a floral doormat, this is often considered to add a touch of colour and flair to your doorway whilst also providing a very functional purpose.

Welcome Doormats
Many people have recently opted to purchase a doormat with a message inscribed upon it such as ‘Welcome’ or ‘Please wipe your feet!’ these iconic designs add a touch of personality to your doorstop whilst still maintaining all of the key functions and practicalities associated with a traditional doormat.

Comical Doormats
Vintage style cars such as the Vauxwagon campervan and the Fiat 500 have become iconic vehicles to use as stylish additions to the home. Consequently, a whole variety of comical doormats have evolved and become very popular with younger home owners around the UK. Our selection ranges from Vespa doormats to Beetle doormats and even a very contemporary VW van option.

Doormat care

Since we offer such a wide and varied doormat selection, there are many different types of materials used for each individual doormat. This is why we provide each of our doormats with product specific cleaning and care instructions to help keep your mat looking its best for many years to come.