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A curtain pelmet is often defined as an attachment that is fitted to the top of the window in order to neatly conceal the curtain fittings and fixtures. This is very much an aesthetic piece and can be used with many different types of curtains. This extra material is often considered to be an added benefit as the additional layer of fabric can help to insulate your room from any unwanted cold draughts.

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Curtain pelmet specifications

Curtain pelmets are a relatively simple and unassuming product. Their main purpose is to act as an aesthetically pleasing addition to your window panes. Pelmets are used much in the same way as a valance is used on a bed; to hide any potentially unsightly curtain joints. Curtain pelmets are by no means a necessity, rather a nice to have item that can help to improve the look of your window dressing.

Types of curtain pelmets

Coloured curtain pelmets
Curtain pelmets are available in a variety of colours, from vibrant reds to more subtle cream shades. People will often choose either a complementary or contrasting pelmet colour in order to perfect the look at their windows.

Patterned curtain pelmets
Curtain pelmets are also available in a wide and varied choice of patterns. The pattern chosen is commonly the same as that used on the curtain, this is to ensure that the pelmet and curtain fabric subtly follow onto one another allowing you to create a seamlessly neat and encompassed window dressing.

Different sized curtain pelmets
There are an abundance of curtain pelmets available on the market which corresponds to the number of different drape types and sizes on offer. There are a wide variety of curtain pelmets that correspond to the many different length and widths of windows in the UK. It is important that you measure your window frame correctly before purchasing your window pelmet as it needs to fit snugly on top of the window frame whilst also encompassing the top of your curtain and the pole or track.

Different material types
There are many different types of material available for use on a curtain pelmet, from cotton to velvet and everything in between. The material used on the curtain pelmet often corresponds to that of the curtain fabric, allowing them to perfectly complement each other. Whichever material is chosen for the curtain pelmet, it is important that it is strong, durable and ornate.

Curtain pelmet care instructions

The material used for the curtain pelmet can often vary, consequently it is important to ensure that the product is cleaned and cared for in the correct manner. There is a step by step guide explaining the necessary cleaning instructions that will hopefully lead to your curtain pelmets looking great for longer.